Nicks Set to Attend Toilet Bowl


In week 2, when everything looked promising, I would have the opportunity to watch the San Diego Chargers visit the New York Jets. This game actually looked like it could be promising. Both teams had potential to be in the playoff hunt. With a prime time meeting set to take place the hype settled and now the Jets and Chargers will face off in the early games.

I only get a chance one time a year, if that, to see the Chargers play in person and for it to be this game kind of hurts the soul. The Jets being out of the playoffs is what it is, but for San Diego to be out burns even more. With all the interesting factors of the game going down the tube fast I still have a chance to witness one. If Antonio Gates catches a touchdown pass this Sunday, while I will happen to be in attendance, he will break Lance Altworth’s franchise career touchdown reception record.

So what went wrong with the San Diego Chargers season? While I predicted them to go 13-3 it was clear I had really high hopes for the 2012 season. It has been said that key games can set the tone for the rest of the season. This season could not have proven that statement anymore true. When San Diego visited the Saints in New Orleans it showed to be promising the Chargers had a 10 point lead with 13 minutes left in the 3rd. San Diego then hit the pick 6 against Drew Brees, or so they thought. A terrible penalty on Melvin Ingram nullified the touchdown. This allowed for all of momentum to swing in favor of the Saints. This loss was huge in terms of the season due to the fact that they fell in quicksand and couldn’t find a way out.

The game that solidified this season’s fate was next week. San Diego would take a 24-0 lead in the locker room at halftime against division rival, and leading competitor, Denver Broncos. If a definition of free fall couldn’t describe what would happen next, nothing can. That loss did more damage than anyone could come up with. All of a sudden fans were left to riot. They would blame whoever they could just to make themselves feel better. Fans could also see everything happening from seasons past.

While the hole appeared to hit rock bottom, Bill Johnston took his sledge hammer and pounded rock away. He advised fans to, “Take a Chill Pill,” on the official website. While EVERYONE who was/is a Chargers fan was furious and embarrassed Johnston issued a half hearted apology. It didn’t reach many, as well as infuriated most that he wasn’t handed a pink slip.

Fans soon forgot about it and turned their attention to the Bolts where they would continue to lose, continue to disappoint, and continue to rub the fans faces in the mud with losses. While on the field they were trying so hard, they weren’t being rewarded with results. As if rock wasn’t low enough, Ray Rice found a way to dig past that by converting on a 4th and 29 up the middle. By this time the team had enough of it and started to accept it. While still working hard they had to face the fact that they couldn’t finish games out.

While all this is happening the Jets had nothing else to be proud of. Sanchez looks worse than Ryan Leaf and Tebow hasn’t stepped on the field in a traditional offense since he was in orange with the Broncos. Rex Ryan is the joke of the town, Revis was gone with a blink of an eye, and receivers were dropping passes like defensive backs. The Jets last bright spot was opening day. It all went down hill from there.

Both teams are fighting for a top 5 draft pick and with the Jets one win ahead of San Diego this could be the deciding factor. The difference between the 3 spot and 11 spot is only 2 wins! The difference between the 3 spot and 6 spot is only 1 win. If the Chargers were to lose out that could bump them all the way up to 3 as long as the Eagles and Lions can win a game. With the Chargers playing the Raiders at the end of the season that could decide a lot as well.

So with all of the factors what is a Chargers fan to root for? While in my head I say lets lose and do ourselves some better, my heart says lets get after it boys. One thing is for sure, a loss to the awful Jets would have to be the last nail in the coffin for Turner as well as maybe Smith. When push comes to shove, lets get a win against these bums!

Bolt Pride!

-Joey Nicks