Bolts Bust In Denver


If you are a Chargers fan and you watched yesterdays game you saw more than a debacle, more than playoffs hopes disappear, you watched a complete embarrassment. So many important vitals were missing out of a championship caliber team. This year may not be the year for the Bolts but as the saying goes, “There is always next year.” With the reality setting in we ask ourselves what needs to change? What went wrong? What can the organization do to take it to the next level? All these answers were seen yesterday in a game against the Denver Broncos that seemed to last a lifetime.

Believe it or not as you examine the wide receiving corps what is the problem? Players are dropping passes, no one is getting open, etc. There really isn’t a solid number one receiver that Rivers can rely on. For example, when Manning is struggling he has Nicks to go to, Rogers has Nelson, Brees has Colston, etc. The Bolts have a GREAT amount of talent at this positions, unfortunately they all have number 2 talent. San Diego needs to find a receiver that Rivers can rely on game in and game out. Vincent Brown’s injury really hurt as well. They had big plans for Brown and he couldn’t prove them right due to his ankle issues. How is this solved? Free Agency! Next year three #1 receivers will be available in Mike Wallace, Wes Welker, and Dwayne Bowe. If San Diego nabs one of them they could be sitting pretty in the draft. The reason why I say they shouldn’t look in the draft is because they have bigger issues than wide receiver.

The offensive line is the biggest problem the Chargers have when it comes down to talent. While fans are calling for Rivers head, I say this time and time again, the offensive line is the most vital part of any team. Without a solid offensive line you don’t have any chance whatsoever. Rivers isn’t great on the run, we found that out this whole year! San Diego needs to invest their first and third round picks in the offensive line. One of the hardest things to watch is a quarterback with no chance to throw the ball. Gathier is a complete BUM and Harris is too young with too much work ahead of him to become a good full-time starter. While center is the most important position on the line left tackle is a very close second. Free agency could also solve this problem as Jake Long, Ryan Clady, and Brandon Albert are set to hit the market.

This all can relate to general manager A.J. Smith who isn’t supplying the team with the right talent to win football games. A.J. is a huge problem for the Bolts. Smith has been known to burn bridges and burn players. His negotiation method is horrible and he really doesn’t know how to show appreciation to players, present and past. If the Bolts can make a change at his position it could GREATLY benefit them. San Diego has some pretty good candidates to pick from this offseason from some pretty big organizations. Just to throw some names out in the open Eric DeCosta (Assistant GM, Baltimore), Omar Kahn (Director of Football and Business Administration, Pittsburgh), or Marc Ross (Director of College Scouting, New York Giants). Marc Ross seems like he could be the most popular. Ross has been linked to decisions on Nicks and JPP two great football talents. The Chargers need to make a change because Smith just doesn’t bring talent to the table anymore.

Norv Turner is probably the biggest problem San Diego posses. It was so obvious to see on Sunday that even his players have started to give up on him. The last play Rivers got sacked with about 12 seconds left. Rivers then got up with 10 seconds left and started shaking hands. Where in the world does that come from?!? With time left on the clock you can still run another play. Rivers throws in the towel! Even if you can’t/don’t think any good is going to become of it you should still try for the sake of peoples visual site! This team has given up on Turner and if you don’t play at 100% in this league you will be chewed up, spit out, and SWEPT under the carpet with nothing to show for it. Norv Turner is an old school coach with an old school method that has no room in the new school league. It’s more then creating plays, watching film, its keeping the fire in your teams eyes, keeping them focused, and ready to go to war and die for the TEAM! Not just you. Turner lacks a lot of the qualities that make a Super Bowl caliber head coach. Some replacement possibilities for San Diego are John Gruden, Brian Billick, and Mike Holmgren.

It was a terrible site to see the scene yesterday. A game that changed everything! Do the Chargers still have a chance at playoffs? Yes, but the road is too rough ahead for San Diego. It is sad to say, but Bolt Nation might have to sit back and wait to see what next year holds for them. With Luck and the Colts sitting at the 5th seed in the AFC and Big Ben and the Steelers not looking so hot in the 6th seed it is definitely a possibility to make playoffs still. The Chargers need to put it together next week and every week after to do it. Time is running thin and Bolts busting in Denver may have been Norv Turner’s last trip to the “Mile High,” state as a member of the San Diego Chargers.

-Bolt Up! Stay Faithful!

Joey Nicks