Chargers at Browns: Browns Concerns


David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Finally back to football. The BYE week has been a mess for the PR staff, but the players on the field were able to get a rest and get ready for the stretch run. The Chargers will head out to Cleveland and hope to bring some dort of optimism to the fans. Here are a few of the areas of concern for that game in Cleveland:

Distractions – With all the chill pill and sticky gate chatter that is going on off the field, will the team be distracted on the field? The team should be able to get their minds right once the ball is kicked off, but after practices and any time they open up a paper (don’t think this happens anymore), they will see all that madness.

We are the Chargers – We tend to play down to our opponents. In other words, we don’t play to our talent level! The Browns are the worst team in the league. This should be a blowout, but even Vegas knows that the Chargers struggle to live up to the hype, so they set the line at -2.5.

The Mindset – If this game is close toward the second half or if one misstep happens during the game, how will the team react? We tend to crumble under the pressure. Can we battle through a Philip Rivers interception/fumble? Can we keep fighting after Ryan Mathews fumbles the ball? Will we still have fight after Melvin Ingram hits the quarterback too high? Can we deal with adversity!?!?!? We may not get the chance to prove this against the Browns, but we will be waiting to see how we respond when things go south.

Norv Turner – Norv is already questioning his own playcalling and wants to dial it back. Does he trust his quarterback? Does he trust his runningback? Does he trust his rookies? He doesn’t know how to manage a game and get the best out of the players he has. That is our head coach and he will constantly be a reason why we could blow ballgames.

The Big Play – The defense struggles giving up the big play. The offense struggles giving up the big play. Can we stop giving up big plays to the opposing team and make some ourselves?

Atari Bigby is constantly fooled on the play action pass opening up the field for some huge plays. Antoine Cason is a couple of plays from sitting on the bench. Quentin Jammer bites on the double move and loses his receivers like smokers lose their lighters.

The offense keeps coughing the ball up. Interceptions and fumbles galore. Can we stop making a mess all over ourselves?

Notice how there was no mention of how the Cleveland Browns could beat us and how it was all about us pooping our own pants.