Chargers Fans Want PR’s Head After Embarrassment


PR: What’s with you people?

RESPONSE: Really? Did you not watch Monday Night Football? Did you not see the embarrassment that happened? Did you see last Sunday Night? If you are going to ask us a stupid question I will respond by asking you stupid questions. Already off to a bad start my man.

PR: Yes, Monday night’s loss was bad. Horrible. Embarrassing.

Ok…enough already. No mas. I get it.

Now get over it. It was a loss. One loss.

RESPONSE: Don’t mock us, we are already pissed beyond belief that YOU are writing this! The way you are writing leads me to believe you think we are children. If you did your job correctly you would understand that this is the second week in a row that the Chargers, the team we hold dearly to our hearts, blew its second double digit lead in two weeks. So maybe you are the incompetent one.

PR: Listening to some of you out there, you’d think Monday night was “win or go home” and the Chargers are now packing their bags.

“The Chargers are finished. Done,” said one scribe.

Another wrote, “Bye, bye Chargers. Put a fork in them.”

Sometimes I think Twitter was invented to give people a chance to puff out their chests and talk big, saying things they never would say to someone’s face.

RESPONSE: No worries, Twitter is also a different monster. Did you ever think that maybe some of those people AREN’T big Bolts fans? Did it ever occur to you that they may be bandwagon fans? So don’t talk to us saying we are going to, “puff our chest out,” for no reason! The same thing happens every year, the Bolts get us excited than Norv Turners brake pads blow games that should not have been taken from us. I live in New Jersey and if you want to fly out here, or better yet fly me out there I will GLADLY say what I think is wrong to your face. We don’t run and we don’t hide so don’t call us cowards. We had 2 opportunities to take the wheel and really drive this division. Norv Turner’s methods aren’t working.

PR: And talk radio … don’t get me started. The old adage your mom used to preach – “If you don’t have anything good say, don’t say anything” – seems to have evolved to “if you don’t have anything good to say, call sports talk radio.”

RESPONSE: Really? You have a job as the Chargers PR and I am sitting here writing this response to you. Can you please insult us with a little more creativity? For instance “If you don’t have anything good to say, alls you have to do is call.” Off the top of my head not great but better than yours. Maybe I should have your job?

PR: Some of those folks are probably the same ones who called for former Head Coach Bobby Ross’ job when his first Chargers team started the 1992 season 0-4.  I still remember the self-proclaimed experts saying Bobby was “in over his head”. The Chargers went on to win 11 of the next 12 games that year, along with a 17-0 victory in the first round of the playoffs.

A few of the more recent Chargers teams have been declared dead by quacks, only to awaken in good health.  The 3-3 Chargers of 2004 won nine of their final 10 games.  The ’06 Chargers won their final 10.  The ’07 Chargers started 1-3 before winning 10 of their last 12.  The ’08 Chargers won their final four in a row and the ’09 team won its last 11 games.

RESPONSE: I never called about Bobby Ross, anybody else call? Bobby led us to our only Super Bowl. You on the other hand have not. Norv Turner (51-33) Marty Schottenheimer (47-33). Records as head coach of the San Diego Chargers. Turner has a 8-8 record we give him another chance, Marty has a 14-2 season and we give him the boot? WE need to take the chill pill. This shouldn’t be about the past it should be about the present and future.

PR: Time to take a chill pill.  No one knows what will happen this season, yet alone the next game. That’s the beauty of the National Football League.  I don’t know, you don’t know, no one knows what’s going to happen.

If you want these players and coaches to succeed, then support them.  Don’t tear them down.  What you want and what we all want, including your team, is to know people believe in them.

Look at it this way.  We want our loved ones to succeed, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help them.  But when they make mistakes, like we all do, we would never criticize or belittle them publicly.

Your team is 3-3, tied at the top of the division, and has 10 games to play.  If the Chargers are your team, get behind them and stay behind them.  We’re all at our best when we know others believe in us.

RESPONSE: Seriously? We have supported our team year in and year out BAR NONE! After this how do you expect some not to be pissed or crack? After this anyone who wants to drop our boys you can’t seriously blame them. You just took a shot at your fan base and made them feel like idiots on the one thing that revolves around media. You may have just summed up your career my man. You yourself say, “We’re all at our best when we know others believe in us.” You just disrespected your WHOLE fan base in a matter of 3 seconds of pushing that post button. If you don’t believe in us then how will we be, “at our best?”

As a response to the fan base, If you are a true fan you stick with your boys bottom line. This idiot could have taken care of this issue in a way that could have actually been motivating for us fans. Don’t take it out on the players, it isn’t their fault. This guy is a complete moron and doesn’t speak for Rivers, Butler, Weddle or the rest of the gang. Try to stay true and loyal to one of the most entertaining football organizations in the NFL. There’s a reason why we began to love them and we just need to remember it in these tough times.

To this PR guy, I hope you have fun slamming this in our faces. You are on your almighty totem pole and we, “the little people,” are here for you to take your frustrations out on. I can’t wait until the Bolts can you. You slapped the Bandwagon fans in the face, you slapped the loyal DIE HARD fans in the face, and you made future possible fans turn their back. You sir, are an ASS. You are the reason we are a much bigger joke of the NFL now, not the teams recent game play. When we thought it couldn’t get any worse you go ahead and deliver. Words can’t describe  what I am thinking and feeling as Loyal Charger Faithful.

My final response is to the Chargers organization, I will drop everything I have if you want me give me a call. I can fill his position times a thousand. I would be more upset if this guy has a job at the end of the day. If you were to give me a week I would be able to get out in San Diego and start up with no questions asked! I would kill for this job, as many others I know would. I would do a lot better than this moron that’s for sure. Can’t wait to hear from you!

So how did this make everyone feel? I am pretty interested in the response as to this STUPID post on


-Joey Nicks