‘Blame Game’ Begins As Bolts Beat Down By Broncos


As the play clock struck all zeros in the fourth quarter in San Diego last night a lot of people were shocked with the out come, 35-24. This is a lot bigger then a loss. It can leave more negative impressions than a 18 year old teenager could have on a 5 year old. It was more than a 24 point blown lead to a team searching for identity. This was a game that completely made everyone including the fans understand that the Chargers are back as the joke of the NFL.

Fans were left to ask themselves what went wrong in 2 quarters of a game that appeared so simple in the first 2? Fans have started to play the “blame game,” on who is to blame for the Chargers historic loss. It’s time to hear the truth and that is what I am about to reveal to fans of San Diego.

5%- Chemistry- There were plays, whether they were on offense or defense, that created a negative play or vibe. Two examples: Eddie Royal’s misread on the option route, and Atari Bigby leaving Jammer high and dry over the top.

10%- Philip Rivers- I am a man of my word. I don’t jump on and off band wagons. People who do it may not examine all the facts and make a hasty decision. That is why I am not off the wagon, but I am certainly dragging from it. Rivers did nothing wrong last night. Why are people blaming him for his 4 interceptions? Look closer at the game and you will see Rivers had to force passes due to the fact of being hit consistently. He is trying to make something happen. What did he do wrong? After Denver scored the first 2 touchdowns he stopped believing. He stopped acting like a leader. Most of all, he gave up. As a quarterback to overcome adversity you must believe and have the will and want to achieve. If you don’t have that then there really isn’t any reason to play the game. Also, it might be time to start looking for a new quarterback. Rivers delivery is really starting to affect his power. Rivers hasn’t had as much pop out of his hand as it used to. With that and his attitude it could pose a question mark as to does he still have it. It is still early yet, but so far it doesn’t look pretty.

20%- The Offensive line- They honestly never looked sharp. It was unbelievable how easy it looked for Denver’s pass rush. It made the Bolt’s line look like a piece of lined paper. Outside of Nick Hardwick everyone slacked. The biggest failure was Clary. It seemed every play Elvis Dumervil was chasing Rivers. We also can’t forget about the LACK of rush. This aspect of the game was so bad, I don’t know if there is a way to improve and fix it right now.

30%- Norv Turner- I have a lot to say on this subject but the main thing is that he comes from a different generation where out of respect you ease up on an opponent when you are crushing them. It bit the Bolts in the butt 2 times in 2 weeks. In the NFL it is cut throat. If you have your foot on their neck? Step on it! Make sure that their is no way that they can come back and scorch you. Nine times out of ten you will get burned beyond belief. Think about it like this. You are in a fight, and you are dominating your opponent, are you going to stop because you feel bad? No, because you want to win. If you give them a chance it will backfire and you will get popped in the face once, twice, three times and by the time you try to fight back it is too late. Not to mention, at half time, you need to keep your team motivated and united. Fans get sick and tired of seeing their team flat. Play calling was an issue as well as his attitude, etc. Don’t worry I will address it all in another article. Just to save time, arguing with Rivers on the sideline isn’t a way to keep your job.

35%- AJ Smith- Let’s be honest, when it comes down to it all of the things above have been created due to one man… this man. A man who many perceive as good as fired. Two areas of concern were at the top of the list and he obviously didn’t address either. While corner back isn’t a big concern, offensive line is. AJ had all the chances to solve the problem but ignored it and now fans sit here and question their quarterback and leader. It’s really hard not to blame AJ in this whole escapade. He brought Norv back, he signed… I won’t even say the OT’s name. As far as I am concerned he isn’t even a part of the team anymore.

The Chargers may have just become the most embarrassed 3-3 team in the NFL, maybe more embarrassed then most 2-4 teams. One good thing is that the Chargers will have time to let this really fester. The first half of the game showed that San Diego can be a truly great defense, but when your offense surrenders two touchdowns you will lose 9 times out of 10 guaranteed if not 10. Can the Chargers defeat and respond to adversity? It is a question with a bad answer right now. One thing is for sure if the Bolts come out soft against Cleveland we could be seeing some changes sooner than later.

Bolt Pride!

-Joey Nicks