Saints Prayers Been Answered



Sunday Night was a night to remember that’s for sure. Somewhere between Drew Brees breaking Johnny U’s consecutive games with a touchdown pass record and the Saints winning the game with a stripped ball, we have learned a lot from the two teams and what they have to offer. Some may say the calls were absurd, some may call them fixed, but after clearing my mind I call it adversity.

Sunday night San Diego was faced with something they really haven’t seen much of this season. It’s not a deep pass and it isn’t the run. Needless to say it wasn’t a zone blitz or man coverage either. It was the biggest occurrence that a champion needs to overcome. For example, when Ryan Mathews goes down with a broken clavicle and the Chargers find Jackie Battle/Ronnie Brown, they have overcome that adversity. A wrench was thrown in the engine and they found a way to keep the truck rolling along. When it seems the world is against you, you need to be able to overcome it and show the spirit of a winner. Late in the fourth quarter on the second to last drive with it seeming unlikely the Chargers would convert on 3rd and long, Rivers was picked off on a play that seemed to be a sure pass interference call.

The Chargers showed that they could answer the bad call while holding the Saints to a field goal only putting the Chargers down 7. With the game still in reach the Chargers started moving the ball. It looked as if the nation would get to see overtime on Sunday, but another form of adversity showed. Rivers dropped back to pass and connects on a huge play that would put the Chargers inside the 30 if there wasn’t a pass interference call on Gates. Many of people had a problem with this call and I can’t say I blame them. It was clear the whole game Gates was being tugged on etc. if you look at this play closely Gates just took Roman Harpers hand off him and got separation. So yes the refs may have dropped the ball but a champion needs to rise to the occasion and overcome the bad call. While the next play Floyd caught a 20 yard pass that gets called back by a, “holding,” call. While you watch the replay of that, even the closest eye can see nothing out of the ordinary.

It’s tough to say what exactly what went wrong for the Chargers on Sunday, it goes to show though that one play can change a lot. While the Chargers should have been celebrating the icing on the cake, they were too busy picking up after a Melvin Ingram mishap. Drew Brees threw a pick six that would get called back due to a roughing the passer penalty. This play was vital as that drive kept alive resulted in a touchdown. Ingram needs to address that problem as no team can afford to take penalties on a play with so much meaning.

Chargers must respond this week against Denver. While they do that they also need to beat someone out of their division other then the Titans. People have no reason to believe and you can’t blame them after this showing. While Rivers showed that he can still sling it, the defense showed that they are still Norv Turner’s Chargers. The team as a whole though shows that they can improve enough to maybe have a shot at a bowl.

Bolt Pride!

-Joey Nicks