The Meltdown: Titans Fans Want To Start A New Runningback


Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to the MELTDOWN, the post where we troll onto the opposing teams message boards to see their reaction from the game. Here is what the Tennessee Titans fans are saying after getting beat down by our San Diego Chargers. AND HERE WE GO:

I see us probably not beating alot of teams at all palmer needs to go away after this year and maybe the rest of the coaches 2 we are horrible all over the field bad and our Defense scheme is bad or the the players are bad take your choice the offense well that speaks for itself i dislike palmer him and the UT OC are like twin brothers – MPFord

Of course fans are already calling for the head coaches head! We started calling for Coach Turner’s head when he lost a preseason game.

Its hard to be a Titans fan. Are we really that bad? I think its time for some answers. Why not start another RB, lets see what happens. I think that would answer alot of questions. Is it the line or is it the RB.

I usually go to a few Titans games a year. I dont think I’ll waste my money. – Titansfan211

Are you really that bad? YES! Your team is terrible. Maybe just lose all your games so that you can bring in Matt Barkley. Luck and Barkley facing off twice a year would be awesome for the division!

You are absolutely right – time to start another RB – anything happening would be an improvement! Don’t really care what the reason is- Chris is a non- factor in our offense. By the way, our QB is not throwing well, our receivers are sloppy, our Offensive Co is clueless and so our defense is worn out by 4th qtr. The coaching is abysmal. I believe Matt got 5 1st downs in as many plays last week -perhaps he deserves another shot. We could use the experience. – hopefan

Do the Titans even have another runningback? Lendale White?

Play another RB – now! Chris is just not engaged. After all this time, you can’t continue to fault the O Line every single game. Why has our Offensive Co not figured this out – why does he keep sending CJ straight into the defensive line as if he were a power back? It’s like watching “Groundhog Day” nothing changes. Our rookie QB seems deer in the headlights right now.

Just take some dollars out of his wallet and he should be a little faster. Do their fans know that their Quarterback is not a rookie? I mean, I thought he was a rookie, but why would I pay any attention to the Titans?

With the players that the Titans have, there is no reason at all for these blowouts! The Chargers aren’t even that good and the Pats got beat today by the Cards at home! Why???? Why are they loosing like this??? Where is our multimillion dollar running game?? I’ve been a Titans fan since Tennessee picked them up and I have never been so pissed! I’m so disappointed. With them being in the same division as the Texans, they need to wake up!

Oh, and food for thought, while Bud wanted to push Fisher out, look at what the Rams are doing!! Word of advice Bud, don’t be another Jerry Jones. That’s the worse thing for the team.



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