Chargers vs Titans: Why The Chargers Will Lose


Welcome to the weekly post on where we share why the Chargers will LOSE… If you are already thinking about getting pissed, just go to the other post where I share why the Chargers will WIN :

Sleeping GiantChris Johnson has been slowed down with a heavy wallet, but he still has the potential for the big play. Our run defense held Darren McFadden in check on the ground and will be asked to slow another speedster. I like what our big boys up front can do, but Johnson still has that big play ability… I think.

We can’t RUNYou know that imaginary blue line that the TV stations put on our TV screen so that we know where the ball is spotted? Well, our running backs keep tripping over it! Our pitiful rushing attack gained less than 2 yards per carry against the Raiders (not as bad as Chris Johnson). Our best rusher was Eddie Royal!

Expect our first drive to end in a 3-and-out again with the offensive mastermind trying to force the run up the middle for the first 2 plays, then asking Philip to bail the team out on 3rd down. We need to get a running game going in order to open up the deep passes to Robert Meachem on the sideline.

If the running game doesn’t work, then keep running those reverses and screen passes. Have to find a way to get those chunks of yards on first and second down.

Norval the GreatThe Chargers have a tendency of playing down to the competition’s level and letting teams hang around a little too long. Do we ever blow teams out anymore? If we keep the Titans around, then they could come right back and bite us on the booty!

We can’t overlook this team and need the guys to keep their focus in this game. If we lose this game to a far inferior opponent, the blame will go right to Norv Turner. Keep pitchforks in hand until we have a 2 score lead. Make sure to keep it close by at all times.

Travis Goethel Can’t Bail Us OutI wonder if we can slip some cash to the Titans long snapper to skip the ball over to the punter a few times. I will tell you one thing for sure, it looks much easier than it actually is. Go grab a football and try to chuck it between your legs 10 yards back and hit your target in the hands every time. OK, now do it with a defender breathing down your neck and know you are going to get blown up as soon as you move that football. Much props to Chargers long snapper Mike Windt and former Chargers long snapped David Binn!

What worries you most about this game?