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Chargers vs Titans: Why the Chargers Will Win

By Ernie Padaon

Welcome to the weekly post on where we share why the Chargers will win, soon to be followed by the post where you all get pissed because I say why the Chargers will lose:

The Titans Defense Looks BOOTYAnd I don’t mean like Pirate Booty!

Here are a couple of quotes from a Tennessee Titans Blog, Music City Miracles:

Colin McCarthy is banged up, did I mention that he pretty much is our defense? Will Witherspoon will likely get the nod at middle linebacker and that terrifies me.”

Note: Antonio Gates didn’t practice Wednesday and that’s not going to do anything but help a defense that refuses to cover a tight end.

If the Tennessee Titans fans are ‘TERRIFIED’ of their own defense, then the San Diego Chargers fans should be grinning like the Joker! Antonio Gates should play this weekend with his ‘barbequed ribs’ and should tear this defense into shreds. Just make sure to catch the ball! The Tennessee defense apparently hates to cover tight ends. They let the Patriots run the ball down their throats, so that gives us hope for Ronnie Brown and company.

Chris Johnson Still Has MoneyWhat is worse: Jared Gaither getting paid and sitting on his butt asking someone else to do his job OR Chris Johnson getting paid and actually playing, but looking like trash? Thank you Chris Johnson, you made our situation feel much more digestable. Stay Trashy!

Philip RiversHe can play conservative if we need him to and we already know he can become the hero if we need him to as well. Expecting a big game from him against this Titans defense.

The Hurt LockerThe Titans have a kid quarterback running the show and he is also nursing a busted shoulder. Jake Locker will be making his second career start and defensive coordinator should be releasing the hounds this weekend on him. Melvin Ingram, Shaun Phillips, Donald Butler and all the boys should be meeting up in the backfield to slam the kid down.

What other reasons should the Chargers win this game?