Should Super Melvin be Super Charged?


Double J was signed and I won’t lie I couldn’t be more excited. We then make another solid move and draft a physical presence and force to be reckoned with in Melvin Ingram. Most of us have been keeping a close eye on the linebackers since San Diego made a pick that could change the whole entire face of the franchise. Now, we might just have an interesting argument. Should we consider making Melvin Ingram the other starter at linebacker? Is it a possibility that Johnson should be the one rotated in?

I could not be more excited to have this problem. So much talent at linebacker, but only 4 spots can be on the field. We were predicted to have a lot of problems with this position but not this one. With that being said, seeing what the team looked like in week 1 of the pre-season with Melvin Ingram starting it’s hard to say you would want anyone else in the slot. Ingram plays with confidence, passion, and heart. He also posses a motor that doesn’t stop! Melvin Is also starting to show the vets he wants to be here, and he will do what it takes to win. This preseason he did more then what he was expected to do. The pass rush especially stood out.

So Joe why not just rotate him in on passing downs? I am a firm believer, a VERY firm believer, that a player needs to build a rhythm to be effective. He needs to have a feel for the game to get the most out of him. Rotation’s are hard, some people can make an impact coming of the bench some need to be warm and going all game. Melvin appears to be one of the guys that needs to be in to have that feel, that sense of urgency that a player can only feel when he puts everything he has had and then some into a game.

Jarrett Johnson was banged up a little in the beginning of the season but had a chance to show some of what he brings to the table. The guy is a beast! He is a run stopper. Jarrett flies down the line of scrimmage and closes down on the running back extremely well, for his age. Dub has a never quit and a never say die attitude. While Johnson can’t take over a game like an Ingram can he can certainly make running backs look twice. I for one would go to battle for Jarrett any day of the week. He is my type of player, a player that will be in your face till the end of the game.

Joey, is he a good linebacker for a now a day type of football? Well a now a day type of football is a passing league. Now at his age, he is still an effective player. Johnson won’t be piling up sacks left and right, but he can get tackles and do his job come the running game. Plus his experience is extremely valuable. I do think he can be effective. In order for him to be effective though we would need a elusive pass rusher. Philips is great, but I am talking like a T-Sizzle or a Mario Williams.

I am still a fan of the signing but Ingram adds excitement, and a fresh young attitude. Maybe I need to paint the picture a little bit. Ingram, Butler, and Philips on the blitz with Reyes, Corey, and Garay! How can you not be excited about that? Quarterbacks as well as running backs would FEAR our defense. That could possibly be one of the best front 7’s in the whole league. You still can’t forget about Barnes, Johnson, and English (who had one hell of a camp). Barnes and Johnson might be considered starters on 50% of the rest of the NFL.

It’s time to see the future Charger fans. In my opinion Melvin Ingram has done what was needed to be done to get respect. It might be time to show him that respect. If he puts in a couple of solid games he will be a MUST START. It is quite possible we might be looking at a Von Miller type right here. That, I would not be disappointed about. Ingram has the play making ability to be a starter in this league and I hope we make him one sooner then later.

What do you think? Should Ingram or Johnson start?

-Joey Nicks

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