San Diego sees Playoffs in 2012; as Nicks Predicts NFL Season


So I have done one of the most intense breakdowns of my short career. I have went through each match-up, decided each winner (in my eyes), and came up with the predictions from Joey Nicks’ mouth, or hands, for 2012. There were a lot of surprises as I went along, for instance how easy the Packers schedule looks. The Patriots looks pretty easy as well. Our Chargers though? We are going to make it look easy. I will map out our whole schedule with a line or two of my thoughts, then at the bottom I will list all my results. I even put the PLAYOFFS together! Should make for a great conversation piece, so lets get started!

9/10 @ Oakland (W)- We proved last year we can come out hot, but this game we need to come out healthy.

9/16 Tennessee (W)- The emotions will be flying high that day and if we lose that game we should just forfeit the season. (I am assuming this is the day we pay tribute to #55)

9/23 Atlanta- (L)- We should have a nice roll going on by now with Ten and Oak in the books, but what a great match up here.

9/30 @ Kansas City (W)- We should have won this one last year, If we win here this year? Division could be decided quickly!

10/7 @ New Orleans (W)- San Diego ALWAYS shows up on Prime Time when no one gives them a chance! We have the fire power.

10/15 Denver (W)- Shouldn’t be a huge game, but happy it’s home. Don’t see the Broncos having much of a chance here. Of course I guess a meteor could always drop from above on Charger Park. Right?

BYE WEEK- OK at this point I do have the Chargers losing a game. It is quite possible with the talent we have to really get after it and get a strong start.

10/28 @ Cleveland (W)- This is the only thing the NFL did for us this year. The Browns off the bye week is a blessing, but it could be a trap game as well.

11/1 Kansas City (W)- Take this season sweep, we take the division. The biggest competition in the West will be the Chiefs.

11/11 @ Tampa Bay (L)- This one could honestly go either way. V-Jax has a big game, or Rivers does.

11/18 @ Denver (W)- Peyton should be out or hurt by this time and without him the Broncos are hurting.

11/25 Baltimore (W)- For some reason we appear to have Baltimore’s number. With that being said I think we might cruise as long as Suggs isn’t back at 100% by then.

12/2 Cincinnati (W)- Cincy is a great team, they are also talented and athletic. Don’t see it happening in the Q though. This will be a great game to watch.

12/9 @ Pittsburgh (L)- One team I always want to beat. Hate to admit it but they are good and we only beat them ONCE in all our years of the NFL. I will be cheering hard but it never goes well in, “The Burgh.”

12/16 Carolina (W)- Coming to the Q? Nuh-uh! Too hard of a match up for Cam Newton. Our boys will be polished by this time too.

12/23 New York Jets (W)- We will have the division wrapped up by here, but Norv should want to win a couple games after the loss to Pittsburgh.

12/30 Oakland (W)- Our back ups will be in this game, BUT our depth is nice, and can provide some, “Shock,” value.

AFC West-

San Diego Chargers 13-3

Kansas City Chiefs 9-7

Denver Broncos 4-12

Oakland Raiders 3-13

The Rest:

AFC                                                                                         NFC

East                                                                                         East

New England Patriots 14-2                                              Philadelphia Eagles 9-7

Buffalo Bills 11-5                                                                 Washington Redskins 8-8

New York Jets 3-13                                                             New York Giants 8-8

Miami Dolphins 2-14                                                        Dallas Cowboys 5-11

North                                                                                      North

Baltimore Ravens 12-4                                                       Green Bay Packers 15-1

Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5                                                      Detroit Lions 12-4

Cincinnati Bengals 11-5                                                     Chicago Bears 8-8

Cleveland Browns 0-16                                                       Minnesota Vikings 2-14

South                                                                                        South

Houston Texans 11-5                                                          Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12-4

Tennessee Titans 7-9                                                          New Orleans Saints 11-5

Indianapolis Colts 6-10                                                      Atlanta Falcons 10-6

Jacksonville Jaguars 4-12                                                 Carolina Panthers 5-11


San Francisco 49ers 13-3

Seattle Seahawks 12-4

Arizona Cardinals 4-12

St. Louis Rams 2-14

Playoffs: AFC- Patriots (1), Chargers (2), Ravens (3), Texans (4), Pittsburgh (5), Bengals (6) NFC- Packers (1), 49ers (2), Buccaneers (3), Eagles (4), Lions (5), Seahawks (6)

Man, that was more intense then watching, “The Big Lebowski,” sober. Seattle is going to be a big sleeper, especially if Russell Wilson can keep up the high effort of play. NFC East will be the toughest division in football again this year and the records will reflect it. Either way the regular season is upon us! Time to get our lives back! Wow, I can NOT wait. The Charger post a 3-1 pre-season record, which proves they have some good depth. It will make for an exciting year thats for sure! Can’t wait to see what everyone thinks! Hopefully I didn’t offend to many people with my thoughts.

Charger Heart!

-Joey Nicks