San Diego on the East Coast


Yes, we all know San Diego is going to the, “ship,” this year. Living in New Jersey, yes all the way on the east coast born and raised, you hear a lot of the negative talk surrounding us and none of the good. It’s not hard to keep loving our team though. I feel like living hear maybe keeps me in check, and helps me write. So what can we expect from out boys this year? Super Bowl, bust, what? Below I will address the questions that people have posed to me, just to try and bring me down about the “Supers.”

Don’t you think the absence of Vincent Jackson will hurt you?

No, and I say that honestly and truly. It’s tough to lose a Vincent Jackson? A guy who cares more about money and less about a championship? He is a, “Prima Dona.” Jax was a guy who wouldn’t get down and dirty to get a win. That hurts us. We love and support our boys, but don’t tell me that when you get paid to play the best sport for the best team that you don’t owe anything to anybody. You owe it to us the fans to play your heart out every play just as we reward you by wearing your jersey and coming up with ridiculous chants while our faces turn purple because we are screaming so loud. We did our part and it still felt like he didn’t want to play, i.e. Raiders on Thursday night last year. You can’t win if everyone isn’t on the same page and he certainly wasn’t.

What about his size and build though. You don’t have another receiver like that.

Yes, yes we do. Their names… Malcolm “Flying High” Floyd and Vincent “All Around” Brown. These two guys are tall, athletic, and have all the ability to take it to the next level. Honestly, Brown is a younger V-Jax. who can make the big catches just like he does. Malcolm makes the most absurd catches when he is called upon to make a play. So fear not for we still have two towers for receivers.

Jammer is getting old…

STOP! Corner backs tend to get better with age. They learn how to play routes better, how to play receivers better, and get softer hands. Well Jammer’s case he never really had hands. Always a shut down corner. What about Cason though? Guys BEASTIN it and continues to get better every year so what is going to stop him from getting better this year? The changing of the guard is in progress and Cason is definitely deserving of it.

Gates isn’t the same anymore though.

That may be the case but we don’t need him to do what he used to anymore. With all the talent we have on the offensive side of the ball it should be a collective team effort. Gates no longer HAS to backpack the offense. If he does great but it’s not a necessity. Plus we have back up with McMichael and Green who are solid players.

You drop Jackson and get Meech wheres the upgrade?

The speed. Meach is a speed demon. For awhile we have had so many tall big bulky receivers. What we have missed is a home run guy. With Robert you can be on your own 1 yard line and score on the first play. You couldn’t do that with Jackson. For a long time we have lacked that … now we have it and it makes us more versatile. We forget how much Eric Parker, Tim Dwight, and Keenan McCardell helped us out because it was so long ago. Everyone will find out now how threatening Rivers will be with 2 home run hitters in Meach and Royal. Don’t forget Robert Meach is a team guy first.

You guys have no pass rush, where is that coming from?

Ingram already next to our quarterback (Rivers)

Melvin Ingram from South Carolina was drafted this year at a complete STEAL spot. The man has the drive and can bring a lot of intensity to a team mixed with veterans. Shaun Philips, Antwane Barnes, and Jarret Johnson are there and will not go unnoticed. Yes Jarret Johnson is a run stopper but a work horse like Johnson is bound to contribute. to the pass rush. That’s only talking about the linebackers. We have plenty to be excited about in San Diego on the defensive side. Cam is gonna, “Smash,” the opposition and it all starts with him. Garay will be a big piece as well.

Peyton Manning is going to run the AFC West!

Really?!?! Do people forget that Peyton only has 1 win against us in his career? STOP IT! THAT IS SILLY! QUIT THE CRAP! People sound like idiots when they say that. I am sure the Steelers will take care of Peyton for us considering one hit and he is done.

Do you really think the Chargers are going to win the Super Bowl?

Hmmmm, did the season even start yet? The Giants banner wasn’t even raised yet and you are counting us out already. Do you know how stupid people sound when they say that over here? As of right now the Colts COULD win the Super, PAAAAAAHHHH, sorry I couldn’t finish that sentence. The Colts aren’t near us!

Well, people are hating over here, you can’t hide the truth. Honestly though we have NOTHING to worry about. We are primed for a Super Bowl run. We will turn heads while doing it. Should our expectations be Super Bowl? As fans YES! As realists? Anything passed winning the division is a bonus. Folks… I’m a DIE HARD! SUPER BOWL OR BUST BABY!!!!