‘I’ll Give you a Dollar Keep the Change, All I want is a QUARTERBACK!’


Rogers that! We need a Quarterback STAT! Do think Peyton will be Manning up this year? Would you like an ELIte quarterback? You might have some Luck with Hasselbeck. Then again, maybe you need some Vick’s Vapor Rub to make that cold streak go away, but I am going to do the best to make sure you are “King of your Cassel,” and not up the Rivers without a paddle! That one was a little hard! lol Here are my list of top ten fantasy quarterbacks for the 2012 season!

10- Michael Vick, Eagles- Why so far back, because he can’t seem to stay healthy and came out of a couple games last year. Rushing yards from a quarterback that can throw are amazing but not when he is getting popped all the time. In the NFC East that WILL take a toll. ESPECIALLY when you play the Giants two times a year who look forward to beating your brains in. Vick has some great receivers though. Ones that can really make things happen! If he can stay healthy he will definitely be higher then 10.

9- Ben Rothlisberger, Steelers- Not a fan, but with Mike Wallace as a receiver who wouldn’t want this guy on your team. Big Ben plays tough, but that is the problem Ben can be a great quarterback. Hard to tackle, smart decisions, can run the ball, and can make big plays happen. For some reason though he thinks he has something to prove. He can’t escape the injury bug and still plays, but do you really want that? Steelers improved the offensive line though and we will see what pans out. At the right price, Ben is a good option.

8- Matt Ryan, Falcons- A promising young talent. He is on the up and up. With two receivers, in White and Jones, that can stretch the field look for an improvement on his career. With a solid running game I find it VERY hard for him not to have a great year. Plus Ryan hasn’t really felt the injury bug, remember a healthy quarterback is a happy quarterback.

7- Drew Brees, Saints- THIS LOW!?!?! HOW!?!?! They have a bundle of problems down in the Cajun City. One is that Brees wants a BOUNTIFUL amount of money (HA!). Plenty of people told me that Sean Peyton will not have an effect on Brees, I beg to differ. Brees is a product of the system, and while he is a great quarterback, he needs his coach there to show him the way. That goes for any quarterback at this level. While Meach headed for the coast Colston stayed and Grahm is still the man, but with all that is going on I don’t expect a repeat of last year.

6- Tony Romo, Cowboys- How tough was this one to place. Romo has some AMAZING offensive talent on his side of the ball. Romo shows great vision and ok decision making, the only problem is how terrible his offensive line is. Don’t get me wrong Witten will get you points, but Romo would be healthier and a LOT more effective with a decent offensive line. This guy may be, a we’ll see, but I think he has a pretty good year.

5- Eli Manning, Giants- Eli knows how to win, but winning doesn’t help you in my fantasy league. Manning put up some decent numbers last year on a Super Bowl season. In the beginning of the year alls he talked about is how he was an elite quarterback. Well here you go Eli I am giving you the respect that you deserve. While Nicks can drop some pretty easy passes he can make some GREAT plays for Eli. Manning is also durable so you won’t have to worry about him missing any games for you.

Two great quarterbacks. Which ones better?

4- Philip Rivers, Chargers- The man with the reigns! I hope to have underestimated Rivers on this list. While I really wanted to put him in the 3 spot, his numbers were pretty hurtful last year. Rivers will be better this year. I don’t believe he has “reached his peak,” or “blown his load,” just yet. Rivers has all the potential in the world and now he has all the weapons in the world. He has speed in Meach/Royal, height in Floyd/Brown, and pure dominance in Gates. I expect him to take better care of the ball this year too.

3- Matthew Stafford, Lions- Stafford has proven that he can stay healthy for a year, but can he stay healthy for two years? The Lions have shown that they are on the up climb and aren’t going to slow up. Stafford had a GREAT year in 2011 throwing for 5,038 yards and 41 touchdowns. Calvin Johnson is the leagues premiere wide out and is on the cover of Madden. I would worry about the curse of Calvin before the shoulder of Stafford.

2- Tom Brady, Patriots- The man hasn’t showed any real signs of slowing down. He’s experienced and that is a plus. What can be better? Oh, Wait! He also had 5,235 yards passing last year ranked number 2 in the NFL. If it’s possible to have Brady and Wes Welker on your team then it makes it that much of an option. Double points ALL DAY! You also don’t want to forget that if you are in a big play bonus league Brady and Rogers are your best friends, so really push for Rogers if not Brady will be a great plan B.

1- Aaron Rogers, Packers- This man has fulfilled his expectations for last year! His 45 touchdowns was a second best to Drew Brees, and 502 attempts was ranked 16th! These numbers show that his production is up! That is EXACTLY what you want from a quarterback. Rogers also has a weapon at almost every position on the field!

I found this to be a very difficult list to make. One thing you want to remember is to draft a quarterback that is reliable and stays away from injury. Play it safe even if you have to take Rivers over Stafford for example. Quarterbacks are a BIG part of a fantasy team! So who do you see leading your team to glory?

-Joey Nicks