Another day in the life of Ryan


In a report by MJD of yahoosports, Ryan Leaf has been sentenced and will not be facing any more jail time at this point in time.  The specifics of the sentencing were not mentioned in the article.

The former number 2 overall pick had landed himself in trouble again for charges that were due to a serious painkiller addiction that had ruined any chances that he had in the NFL.

This is one of those nightmare-like stories that just keeps recurring over and over again in your sleep.  A story that Ryan Leaf may never, ever wake up from.

The following contains three quotes from the courtroom where Leaf was sentenced; while speaking about the effects he has had on his family, others, and also his own self-perception:

“They believe I’ve held them for ransom for 36 years, and I don’t understand why I should have to do that any more.”

“I’m lazy, and dishonest and selfish. These were behaviors I had before my addiction kicked in.”

“Five to 10 years of Ryan-free drama for my family, this community — particularly for this nation — would be pure bliss for people.”

At this point, it is very difficult, for some, to even feel sorry for him due to the number of times that he has repeated this very same behavior.

I must admit there is a part of me that does feel sorry for him.  Is it just the fact that he keeps making the same mistake over and over again? No, probably not.  Is it that he is a former Charger?  No, absolutely not.  Is it that I understand the outcomes that addiction can have on one’s life and family?  Yeah, that sounds about right.

But, in addition to that,  I hate to see someone forcefully put themself in a position to look back at these situations and say/realize what could have been.  Not what can be now.  But what could have been.  Something that has absolutely no chance of ever happening.  And there is no one to blame but you.

Now that’s assuming that he does have the chance, and lucidity, at some point to have the mind to be able to do so.  There is no telling if he will ever get to that point.

Seeing as I have never met Mr. Leaf, meaning I obviously don’t know him personally, it might not even be fair for me to speculate about this matter.

What I can say is that I have prayed for him in the past; and I will do so again for him now.  Not just for him, but for his family as well.

Having two young children and seeing what the world is becoming, I can’t help but think about these types of stories in terms of, “what if this was my child?”

All I ask of you is that you take a step back before firing that “over-loaded” gun ( that’s full of “easy” ammunition) at a man that has a serious set of demons that he has yet to overcome.

If you or someone you know is battling addiction, please take the time to get help by calling the free addiction helpline at 866-535-9821.