The Newest Bolt Head!

We have all experienced the magic of life at one point or another, some positive, maybe some negative, but all of us in the end couldn’t be happier. This week I have had my first nephew whom I have been named the godfather for already. It brings such pride and happiness to my life already and he was only born Thursday.  Immediately I could tell he would be a Bolt Head like his Uncle/Godfather. I could also not help but think what initially made me love sports as much as I do now.

Winning and calling yourself number 1 is the biggest factor. We love competition and the idea of one on one. The determination of the human spirit to reach the top is completely and rightfully admirable. I will never forget the 1994-1995 AFC Championship game. Seeing Dennis Gibson streaking across the goal line to deflect the pass that could eliminate us from the playoffs was an absolute rush! The play that gave us the chance to reach the mountain top will never be forgot! I started streaking across the living room pretending I was making the same play. There is only one feeling greater than that and that’s ultimate victory!

The heartbreak is actually one of them believe it or not. We as people love to feel triumph but nothing is more humbling then being put in our place. Again referring to the ’94-’95 Super Bowl getting waxed like that by a Hall of Fame San Fran team hurt. It eats away at me ALL the time! It also keeps me coming back. I am dying to know what it feels like to win the Super Bowl so I can experience the joy that so many others have felt.

Sharing these stories with younger generations is priceless. If you are a good story teller it makes it all the much more special for you and the youngling. There is always a good story teller in a couple. Mine just so happens to be me. So I pay attention to all detail so when I tell my nephew or son about the day LT broke the single season rushing record, I can have them on the edge of their seat, glued to the screen.

The strategy behind the sports we love I feel has taken a back seat! It’s amazing to put together your own game plan and make decisions that you think would work better, then what your coach thinks. We all know how much we second guess Norv, and criticize him for his decisions. We always love to watch other coaches choke as well. Let’s be real everyone feeds off of other teams misery! i.e. 18-1! Giving the knowledge back though is what is special. Making sure you know the game well enough to teach others and pass it on.

Sports bring the whole human race together! To laugh, to cry, to rejoice, whatever the reason being someone always has something to offer their opinion on and to share. In essence we need to keep this love and passion going. Sports has become a HUGE part of our culture, it went from a weekend thing to a 24/7/365 thing. It’s what drives us every day of our lives. This is why we should teach our children and young people the right way to watch and be a fan. No one likes an idiot, we all hate stupid people. So make sure they know the game, and respect other fans. Also let them know though, that when you are the champion you can ALWAYS run your mouth in good fun!