Top 5 ‘Bolt Prides’


We all love our Chargers, but can everyone actually say why? It’s a question that I pondered up until today. Where I decided to write down my top 5 reasons to love the Chargers! Seeing as I have a nephew due any day now this list will be VERY useful outside of entertaining you fine folks!

5.) WE HAVEN’T WON IT ALL YET!- Let’s be real for a minute. If we were to have all these Championships we would honestly be something we hate… a Steelers fan. Yes, we do want at least one but I don’t think I can come up with a group of fans that love our team as much as anyone else loves theirs! That is what makes us unique! We will keep coming back and keep coming back for our Bolts because it’s never enough! With that being said, imagine how sweet it will be when Philip Rivers holds that trophy up! Nothing, no nothing will ever be able to compare the feeling of joy and achievement that we will feel! For that, I can’t WAIT for! It will be amazing I promise.

4.) Close games ALL THE TIME!- When has San Diego ran away with a game? Not much. I can always promise you they will hold your attention. You turn away when you’re up by two scores, turn back saying, “WHEN DID THE BRONCOS SCORE!?!?!?!” They will always keep you glued to the TV, i.e. The Chiefs Monday nighter. We all remember that. A joyous one was Darren Sproles touchdown in playoff overtime to win against the Colts! I can go on for days!

3.) LT- The man is a legend. Not many act like he does. Always thinking about his fellow man, and not to mention one of the most exciting running backs to watch in the history of football! Who else can clear 2 gaps in one hop step to the right against the Raiders. LT was a guy who made the first man miss all the time when he played in San Diego. Anybody argues just pull it up on YouTube! You could also tell them FUN FACT: LT IS the single season rushing touchdown holder!

2.) Powder Blues- NO ONE has better uniform colors then us, and NO ONE has a better symbol then us. Come on, what strikes faster than lighting? NOTHING! Also since you can’t see lighting until it strikes it beats every mascot in the league! The powder blues are not just a jersey; you can wear it and feel confident that you are making a fashion statement too! It also looks great in the end zone! ? Yes, I winked for that!

1.) Junior Seau- If you look at the ENTIRE history of sports not many teams have been blessed as ours. We have had an athlete, a man, a titan dawn our colors that were his own from the beginning. Junior gave back so much to the community and was such a class act, not many can say that they had a man of his stature. Growing up in Oceanside he was home grown, and that is the most special part. This player has hit home in so many hearts that Junior will never be forgotten. He is widely renowned around the league for his conduct off the field, as well as his play on the field. We as Charger fans are extremely lucky to have been blessed to see him play. Like I said, not many teams if anyone can say they had one of their own from P.A.L. to the league stay home and play where he belongs.

Well that’s my top 5 reasons to love the Chargers; while I can give a 1,000,000 I thought these were the best five. One thing we can ALL agree on is that we LOVE the Chargers no matter what reasons! I know my undying love for the Bolts can NOT be summed up in one reason, but four words, “San Diego Super Chargers.” Can’t wait to hear some of your reasons as to why you love our beloved Bolts.


Joey Nicks