Fan Perspective w/ Sam McIlwaine


Now that I have a fully functional computer again, let’s get this show on the road.  Due to some “technical difficulties”, I was unable to even start up, much less use, my computer!! This is in italics solely for the purpose of grabbing your attention.


Our next Fan Perspective interview is with Sam from Ireland.  I REALLY want to travel to Ireland someday.  I have no doubt that I will.  It will probably take at least five years for my children to be at an age in which I have the ability to make such a trip. And when I do, I will do everything in my power to meet up with this next featured BoltFan.  Sam is another Charger Fan from across the pond.  I think that you will find his Boltdom as interesting as I do.  Grab a cold one and check this out.


BoogaP:  Please take a second and tell us about yourself.

Sam:  Well, I’m Sam McIlwaine fromNorthern Ireland in theUK.  I’m only 17 but I love the Chargers. I play a lot of rugby and I think this is why I love American football.  I’ve never been to see a game at the ‘Q’ but I hope that in a few years I will get the chance because I really love watching the team!  I’m at school but every night I’m home checking up on the Chargers.

BoogaP:  When and how the heck did you become a Chargers Fan?

Sam:  I became a Chargers fan about 5 years ago. I began to play Madden and watch it on the tele. I played some fantasy football and I drafted Rivers, Gates and Floyd. My passion for the Chargers probably started then but I would have said that before then. They were my favourite team. The receivers were so big.  And the tactic from my point of view was to throw the ball high and far and let them go get it.  It seemed really interesting from a beginner’s point of view.

BoogaP:  Who is your favorite player?

Sam:  My favourite Chargers player has to be Antonio Gates. He is so strong and athletic. Despite his recent foot problems, I still have him as the best tight end in the league. His hands are so good and he’s really dynamic. He may have hobbled around most of last year but he still gets plenty of receptions. He has to be my favourite player although Weddle, Rivers, and Mathews get honourable mentions. I really like Vincent Brown.  He will be an excellent receiver in the future. Pro Bowl standard, I believe.

BoogaP:  Who is your least favorite team in the NFL other than the Raiders?

Sam:  My least favourite team other than the Oakland Raiders is definitely the Patriots. They just clearly think that they are the best. Tom Brady thinks he is God’s gift to man and assumes he is the best football player ever. Every time I watch them I feel that they are trying to rub it in our faces about how good they are. Also, the Spygate scandal really tarnished their reputation and that’s when I was getting interested in NFL.  That was a big story at that time. That probably increased my dislike for them.

BoogaP:  How difficult is it for you to follow our Bolts from Ireland?

Sam:   It is very difficult to follow the Chargers as they are a west coast team. I get to watch the east coast game but never see the end of west coast games due to school in the morning. I always watch the highlights of the game the next day online. The most annoying part is the draft. I always have to wake up the next morning and quickly find out who the Chargers select. With AJ, I normally sigh, but I’m happier with our current draft.

BoogaP:  What is your favorite moment in Chargers history?

Sam:  This is a hard question for me to answer as I’m not exactly steeped in Chargers history. The AFC championship game against the colts is good but I wasn’t a big fan at that time. The 2009 season, where we had that 11 game winning streak, was the season that went wide right. That has to be my favourite memory because we looked unbeatable until the Jets game….. Wow…..

BoogaP:  Now that free agency is all but over and the draft is completed, what is your opinion of our offseason thus far? 

Sam:  I think AJ did a great job. I never really likedJackson.  He was an awesome player and all; but he didn’t have the mental strength. He didn’t want “It” enough. Tolbert was good but shouldn’t be massively missed. The addition of Meachem and Johnson really excites me. I think that Johnson will shore up the run defense. Meachem is a very good deep threat and Royal will work underneath well with Gates.

The draft really excites me I think that Ingram will work really well mainly as a situational pass rusher like Aldon Smith has with the 49ers. The pickups of Reyes and Taylor are solid pick-ups. Green is my favourite draft pick as a TE. His 4.4 speed and 6 foot 6 frame will be excellent learning behind Gates (passing) and McMichael (blocking).

BoogaP:  Do you believe that there are still some positions that need to be filled prior to the upcoming season? 

Sam:   I believe that the Chargers should add a RB behind Mathews. He is an excellent player but is injury prone. Baker and Brinkley may be good but I don’t want to have to rely on them. Despite having off field problems I think they should pick up Benson. He is a RB who I think has the ability to start so he would be a good back-up.

BoogaP:  If you could play any position for the Chargers what would it be and why?

Sam:  If I was to play a position, firstly, I’d have to avoid the offensive line or defensive line because I’m not built for that physically. I think I would like to be a Safety. Not a real big-hitting type, but more of a rangy safety who can be moved around the pitch ( he means field, lol) and play many roles. A bit like Weddle is used, knowing I’d like to get a lot of interceptions.

BoogaP:  Is there a game on this year’s schedule that you are looking forward to the most? 

Sam:  The game that I’m most looking forward to on the Chargers schedule next year is us winning the Superbowl (I am that ambitious/confident).  I know I’m supposed to write about a regular season game but I think that, as fans, we have to be confident.

BoogaP:  Well, knowing that, do you have a prediction for our regular season record?

Sam:  I predict a 10-6 record which will get us a wildcard spot. I think that another team in the AFC West will get a 10-6 record knowing it is now a pretty strong division.  And you know the rest!

BoogaP:  Everyone will be surprised by this question and I am sure you will be as well….EVERYONE knows what’s coming.  Sam included, of course.  How often do you visit

Sam:  I visit everyday along with other Chargers and NFL sites. But it’s my favourite obviously.

Thanks very much!

Sam McIlwaine

Sam, thank you very much! It is always so cool to hear about other fan’s perspective on all things Chargers!  ALL Boltheads love to have their voice heard and you are no different!

Thanks again Sam!!

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