Tribute to a Titan!


So the feelings will never settle, we will love Junior forever! Now the time has come to think of ways to pay tribute to such a titan! I was sitting around thinking of numerous ways that the San Diego Chargers could actually show their love for a man of the Junior caliber. Here’s what I came up with so far:

10 Man Defense- It’s typical, but still love the idea and think it’s pretty cool. Even if it’s one play and very short lived I love the salute, BUT I have a twist. Putting him in the starting line up as well, leave his middle linebacker slot open and on TV when they announce position by position, have Junior Seau in his proper position.

 Patch- Everybody knows a patch will be used to commemorate his life. Well some patch ideas I like are a “55” patch, a “JS” patch, a “12th man 55” patch is my favorite though. All the twist, turns, and stops EVERY Chargers fan will look up and say, “He is still with us!” I already have said we will win the Super Bowl because we have 12 men on defense. It’s deep. It’s real. People will love it.

55 Helmet season- 55 is now our favorite number right? Well how about for this year the Chargers go back to an old school helmet with the number on each side of it, BUT each helmets number is 55. I think it’s classy, a tribute to an organization we love but most of all, it’s a sign of love to our favorite linebacker!

Sack Salute- No one will ever forget the famous fist pump from Seau, we all did it as kids. The very first sack of the season, whoever it may be, slaps his chest points up and does the fist pump. This is one of my personal favorites! I love the idea just because I remember doing that unique fist pump all the time, and think it would be nice for his fans as well as family. It’s also our way of saying, “Cheers!”

55 All Round!- One idea, although I think it is a little bit of a stretch is having everyone’s jersey number read 55, for the home opener. I.e. 55 for Rivers jerseynumber & 55 for Mathews jersey number. It might get a little confusing, but it’s different. I don’t recall anything like it EXCEPT Jackie Robinson Day.

55 in the Field- Whether it is on the 50 yard line or on each 25 yard line they should put a 55 and make it look nice. Another idea is to just do the traditional 55 look that was on his jersey. I think it’s cool, again haven’t seen it recently, and something we could have ALL year and love.

Without a shadow of a doubt we all know something big must happen to show Junior love this season. The man donated his life, love, and smile to San Diego and the Chargers. Not to mention affected so many lives around  the U.S. and possibly even the world! We have a fallen soldier we must honor him. I’m interested to see any other ideas out there that people might have.

Joey Nicks

R.I.P. 55