Draft Draws Near


The Draft draws near! In just a little over a week the San Diego Chargers will have a big draft ahead of them. If A.J. and company don’t mess this up, we could be legitimate contenders in next year’s playoffs! Most of us are all happy with what A.J. has done so far, but now is the time he could put us on our backs or make us go through the ceiling. How do you predict a teams draft that is just as predictable as Lindsay Lohan on her birthday? No one can see where the Chargers are going. A.J. might not even know what he will be trying to do come time. He’s been acting like Danny at the end of, “The Shinning.” Covering his tracks up as he goes through the snow … or in this case South Bend… and Alabama… and Georgia… and you get the point. No one can predict strongly where A.J. wants to go with the 18th pick.

While most of us have come to the conclusion that the Bolts need to go defense A.J. commented on Michael Floyd’s pro-day. Don’t be shocked if we have 2 Floyd’s. A.J. has been known to reach and trade to get his man. In lament terms A.J. gets what A.J. wants! So this is my final draft (get it? Ha-ha). This is how I think the Chargers Draft will go in the first 5 rounds of the 2012 draft.

 First round 18th selectionNick Perry, LB/DE, USC– Chargers need pass rush. Nick Perry is from USC. USC puts out linebackers… ELITE linebackers! You should know one already… Junior. Not to mention Clay Matthews, Willie McGinest, Lofa Tatupu, and Keith Rivers just to name a few. All of those players were or are main stream players. Perry not only has an amazing pass rush but has a great talent of getting in the quarterback’s face. He brings a relentless pass rush and works hard to collapse the pocket. He will have great linebackers to learn from as well. One worry was his size and he took care of that by gaining muscle. I see them making a move for Perry, especially since they passed on Matthews. Look at what happened. So if the Chargers need to trade they might just do so. Keep and eye out, It could just happen

Second round 49th selectionHarrison Smith, SS, Notre Dame– This would be a HUGE possibility especially if the Bolts make the move for Perry and settle. Smith may need some work but IS worth it.Harrison has amazing athleticism and can be ready for opening day. He will be next to Weddle and I am sure Weddle will have no problem helping Harrison with his tackling technique. Harrison Smith would be a great pick for San Diego, it would work out, and results would be there. Landing these two players would be HUGE. It would also make an instant impact.

Third Round 79th selectionBrandon Washington, OG, Miami (FL)– Well the ‘Canes are renowned for producing NFL talent, and Brandon Washington could be no different. With his underrated upper body strength and great footwork he would fit San Diego’s system perfectly.Washington is a great pulling guard, so he would work well in screens. His long arms and brute force aren’t drawbacks either.Washington needs to become better conditioned and needs to fine tune everything, but he can definitely justify occupying this spot.

 Here are quick 4th and 5th rounder’s:

 Fourth round selection 110th selectionTrumaine Johnson, CB, Montana

 Fifth round selection 141st selectionRonnie Hillman, RB, San Diego St. (Wish list pick)

Without a shadow of a doubt this is by far the most important draft San Diego has had in recent past. A.J. needs to pull a rabbit out of his … HAT! What did you think I was going to say? Even though this draft isn’t as talent heavy as last years, there are some good hard workers there that can make it in the next level. While A.J. might surprise us all come draft day, it’s possible that we could come out with some key role players for the 2012 team. All we have to do now is wait. Any believers that we will kill it in the 2012 Draft?

Joey Nicks