Ranking The Chargers 2012 Opponents


Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

The regular season schedule should be coming out in a couple of weeks, but we already know who the opponents will be this season. With all the moves that have been done already in free agency, let’s rank these games. Here are the opponents for 2012:

Home: Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers

Away: Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Here is my ranking for the games that I can’t wait to see this season:1. Denver BroncosThe most intriguing games of the season will be against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. They will probably be picked by the experts to win the division and we want that crown.

2. Pittsburgh SteelersThis matchup has been tough for us and the games usually get ugly. Troy Polamalu finds a way to make something spectacular happen against us every time. Always a hard hitting matchup.

3. New Orleans SaintsBounties or not, there should be some fireworks on offense in this game. We get to see Drew Brees and Darren Sproles on the opposite side of the field and it should be fun.

4. New York JetsTim Tebow or Mark Sanchez? No clue who will be the starting quarterback will be when we play them, but they have been a thorn in our side for a while. We need to shut Rex Ryan up this time.

5. Baltimore RavensLast time we met it was a MASSACRE. We destroyed them and our offense was on a roll. Hopefully we can make big things happen again.

6. Oakland RaidersAlways a big game against the black and silver. Let’s see what the new coaching staff brings.

7. Kansas City ChiefsYoung team that has been raising their expectations year after year. We want that sweep, but they have made it very difficult for us the last couple of seasons.

8. Carolina PanthersCam Newton and Mike Tolbert. Cam is an exciting player to watch and our defense better find a way to contain him. This is one time we don’t want to see Tolbert dancing!

9. Atlanta FalconsThe Burner Turner will be coming to town and they have Julio Jones and Roddy White out there also. That will be a tough offense to slow down. CRAP!

10. Tampa Bay BuccaneersThey wouldn’t be this high on the list, but they did sign Vincent Jackson. Quentin Jammer vs VJ… awww CRAP!

11, Cincinnati BengalsQuentin Jammer vs AJ Green… even bigger AWWWW CRAP!!! AJ Green is a monster!

12. Tennessee TitansIs Eddie George still there?

13. Cleveland BrownsThey might move up the list if they get Trent Richardson in the draft. Otherwise, who cares!

Which game are you most excited to see this season?