San Diego’s Draft Desires


As the draft is rapidly approaching teams are gathering stats, looking at film, and making their big boards. What does San Diego’s look like? Is A.J. going to pull a switch-a-roo and land a top 10 pick? What is the best option for the Bolts? These are some of the quesitons  that will all be answered in time, but can we develop an idea, or an opinion about what we think will happen? OF COURSE! It’s why we are fans. It’s also why we, as arm-chair owners, watch our team.

San Diego had a little dry spell last year, but not to worry it could come to an end this year. Corey Liuget hasn’t been a bust and is improving as time goes on. With 19 tackles and 0 sacks there is room for improvement. Vincent Brown was a big part of our bruised and battered recieving corps. This year has been labeled by many as his coming out year. Marcus Gilchrest even made his presence felt with 34 tackles, and 2 interceptions. It might be hard for people to see, but A.J. usually hits nicely in the draft. So time will tell with last years draft of what we actually got out of it.

With all that being said patience is a virtue, and the Chargers are waiting still for an instant impact player! Unfortunately, this years draft posses only few of those players. So our free agency success helped the Chargers a lot more then what people think. Instead of investing all the money in Vincent Jackson A.J. addressed multiple issues. Receivers? Got it. Quarterback? Got it. Tight ends? Got it. The biggest problem as of right now is protection, and pass rush. So the positions the Chargers will most likely go in would be offensive line, or outside linebacker/defensive end. I just don’t feel there will be instant impact players available at the 18 slot.

As a Chargers fan with the first round, you want pass rush, but as a football mind expect them to go offensive line. If by some chance David DeCastro (OG Stanford) falls low enough, A.J. would be stupid not to lick his chops! While people may be moaning and groaning it’s a perfect fit. He comes from a pass first Stanford team. Norv believes that Green is a potential starter but DeCastro would be a solid starter in the NFL. Technique and nastiness are great attributes that DeCastro posses. Now, if by chance Courtney Upshaw or Michael Brockers fall they might be possible fits for San Diego. Both have a nastiness, and dominance they bring to the game with an upside. If there’s a choice, Brockers would fill the open DE slot. Upshaw is attitude, and a decent pass rush. Not to mention he played for an amazing Bama defense. If he drops close enough look for San Diego to trade up. The Jets preach pass rush, and they will need to get ahead of them to possibly make the move.

Second round has been up in the air, I have seen mock drafts having the Bolts reach for a TE. I don’t, … AT ALL. If the scenario works out where the Chargers trade up for Upshaw they won’t have a second round pick most likely. This pick should be dedicated to either offensive line, or a pass rush. Which ever one you can’t address in the first, why not address it in the second? If that is not the case, I will throw a curve ball at everyone, Lamar Miller would be a STEAL that late in the second round. He carried the Hurricanes offense last season, and had BIG play ability. Miller posses speed, agility, and enough of it to be a starter in the NFL. I would love to see this with McClain, Mathews, and Miller. Talk about, “Earth, Wind, and Fire.” If they chose not to go either route a corner back is also a possibility. Sad to say but Jammer is getting older and they need a play maker in the secondary. If Janoris Jenkins (CB Bama) is on the board, he might be worth taking a look at. The only thing I am not fond of is that he has off-field issues. I am not a fan of a player who has been labeled with that.

In the third round expect the Chargers to go running back to get a, “Scat Back.” Someone like Sproles. Miller is a dream, but lets be honest, dreams never come true. If they did the Chargers would be 28 time Super Bowl Champions. Ronnie Hillman most likely won’t be available. If he is San Diego would definitely scoop him up!  Another low key great player would be Trumaine Johnson (CB Montana). He can make plays, and has a nose for the ball. Not to mention his build (6’2” 205 pounds) will help him with positioning. Johnson had 15 picks in 4 years, and 2 were to the house.

When everything is said and done, whoever is picked just needs to perform. A.J. has a thing for a solid plan. How has San Diego’s window been open for so long? Not that I believe in windows. If everyone knew who would be a player they would be picked already. San Diego will have a bust again, it’s as inevitable as it is for every team. What ifs, could of’s, and should have’s will always be in play. We can still be a big hit, as long as we get players who can make them.