Peyton Paid, Broncos Bad for Bolts?


Peyton has made a decision, to Mile High he goes. Charger fans may dread this, but honestly is there really any reason to? While Manning’s agent is still crunching numbers to make Peyton a Bronco, it looks as if the AFC West just got tougher. Honestly, last year it was tough enough. There is a mystique when Peyton and the Bolts face off though.

A rivalry has grown between the Manning family, and San Diego. It all goes back to the 2004 draft when the Manning’s spoke out against Eli coming to San Diego. Eventually it all worked out in the end. While Eli got shipped to the Giants, San Diego got P-Rivs and company. It was a trade that hasn’t been, and probably never will be forgotten for years and years to come.

Fans of the NFL say that San Diego is in trouble, but why? Is it because the elusive Peyton has all but landed in the AFC West? If you guys remember Peyton has beat us one time in his WHOLE career. We even ruined his perfect season in 2007, or do you want to talk about the 6 pick game, or the 4 pick game he had against us the other year? For some reason, the Mannings can’t get it done against us. Sad to say, but as great a quarterback Peyton is, I don’t fear him. His past may be the past, but it’s a long one, and San Diego has shown it plays its best against the odds.

Everyone seems to be forgetting how old Peyton is too. Which makes me less fearful. Between the neck surgery and his age just how much can he do? I don’t want to take away from one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, because he is. There also comes a time though when every player will have to call it quits. The neck is something you really shouldn’t mess with either, ESPECIALLY when you get it wasn’t done by NFL doctors.

Elway, Manning, Fox

Not sure if everyone remembers this either, that during the lockout team doctors couldn’t be used. Peyton wanted to play though, and took the chance on going to another surgeon… FOUR TIMES! That’s more times then he has rings! Maybe, … just maybe he should take a lesson from Kris Dielman, family before football. As sad as it was to see Dielman (one of my all time favorite Chargers), go it was for the best. Peyton has nothing left to prove. Basically it’s high risk, low reward.

Team wise the Broncos aren’t so bad. The problem lies with wide reciever, and running back. Willis McGehee is fine, but he is not wine. He won’t get better with age. Peyton has Decker, a pretty darn good wide out, and Demaryius Moore, as long as he doesn’t find himself in prison. Rumor has is they could add Mike Wallace, which could be a little scary, but again, if we put pressure on him it will be hard to wait for Wallace to get down field. I just don’t see the personnel around him in Denver to make him GREAT.

Time will tell though, and while it isn’t Tebow Time, Peyton looks like he is ready to punch his time card. This will give A.J. Smith all the much more reason to go with a pass rusher in the draft. So as we sit here and watch the drama unfold in Mile High we can relax, knowing that now we won’t be mocked for a weak division anymore. This could be a move that will make the AFC West legit, but all it takes is one hit to Peyton Manning‘s blind side, that could possibly end his career in horrific fashion. Welcome to where the big boys play Peyton, it’s called the AFC West. You’ll find out first hand on opening day how hard the West hits. It all goes back to what I have said for the last 3 years, “Come to the Q, you leave in a body bag.” We don’t mess around when you come to our house, we hit out there!