Electricity Hits FA Pool, Recharged San Diego?


Double in powder!

To be my first post on here, and it actually be about the splash the Chargers made in the Free Agent pool, … AMAZING! A.J. is renowned for taking his red basket, and getting items, “On Sale.” This year is quite different. Possibly because he finally realizes that an explosion in his face, could await, for him in the Q.

A Lot of people were sad to see Vincent Jackson leave, but why? Vjax has done nothing but whine and complain about how HE deserves money, and how HE deserves a long term deal. When was it about San Diego? When was it about us? HE staged a conference, and said HE would even give us a, “hometown discount.” HE didn’t even blink when he signed the HIS contract with the Bucs. So we address the need for a target for Philip Rivers, and sign Robert “Meach” Meachem. People are mad about this? For years San Diego had the tallest wide receiving corps in the NFL. They would push, pull, and jump. We lacked a home run hitter though. Jackson could catch a 50 yard pass, yes, but would get tackled 15 yards after the catch. While Meach is a guy who can catch a 25 yard pass, and run 74 yards for the touchdown. Meach gets the separation, and makes it happen. Not to mention, he has already been to the big games.

It wasn’t enough though, we were still lacking. We still lacked a crown, to make us… ROYAL! Eddie Royal is a guy who KILLED us on the Broncos. With a legitimate Orton he made plays, and proved that he could be a number 1. Now he will have a pro bowler throwing his way. Not to mention how elusive Royal is as a specialist. If anyone can catch him, god bless ’em! He’s a burner with good to great hands, also a GREAT slot guy.

Passing’s great, but what about, the Ron-ing game? Le’Ron McClain may be on the back end of his career, BUT they said the same about Larenzo Neal. Look how the, “Bowling Ball,” worked out for the Bolts. McClain brings a true power, and BALL SECURITY to the game, and can clean the chute for Mathews. Expect Mathews to state a great case for the Pro Bowl again. The San Diego Supers brought the running game back to the Q. Not to mention the fear. No more need for Tolbert, as long as we have a bruiser we will be able to change up pace. Look at it like this, you don’t mind trying to take Mathews down, but you would fear to go head to head with McClain. Aside from soiling yourself, you will be concussed, and might suffer from memory loss. Not to mention, he’s been to the big games.

DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE, is all A.J. preached this year, though. Make way cause here comes DOUBLE J! Jarret Johnson, was a true FORCE on the Ravens. A guy who NEVER took plays off, and an all around player. No matter what you do, playing next to the greatest linebacker of all time, and one of the biggest names in sports today, you won’t be talked about as much. This man brings attitude, and an overall nastiness to the game. 9 years? So what, all that you should look at is how healthy Dub has been, how well rounded Dub is, and how dominant Dub is. Ever since Merriman went to being a leader, Shawne lost the fire. Double hasn’t. Oh, … and by the way… he ALSO played in the big games!

All those players, and it wouldn’t have been possible if we signed Jackson back. So you know what I say? Good, GO, have him Tampa. He will either A: be more trouble then he is worth, or B: not be even NEAR as effective as he was in bolts. If it means sacrificing one player to get all the potential in the world go right ahead. The beauty of this whole thing, is that we can grab an offensive linemen in the first round and be OK.  Although we should try to pick up another forve on defense. That’s for another post though!

Fans who claim to leave because if this off-season, “I HOPE YOU LEAVE!” We don’t want you! You have no, “Charger Heart.” You have no, “Bolt Pride.” To say this wasn’t an amazingly productive free agency, you don’t REALLY know football. To the rest of us, we can expect good things with the possibility of GREAT involved. Only one team can achieve ultimate victory, remember that. Who knows, this year might be, it might not, but sticking by your team in the dark ages makes you more admirable then anyone else.