Chargers Free Agency Shopping List: Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon


Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

More and more each day it sounds like Vincent Jackson will be sporting a new uniform next season, so we better start looking toward free agent wide receivers. We already have been looking at the names at safety and outside linebacker, but here are a couple of names to look at from Indy for the receiver position: Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon.

In order to see what is happening with these guys, I hit up our friend Adam Hughes from Naptown’s Finest for his thoughts:

I think most of us expect Wayne to be gone for sure, and Garcon will probably have a fairly hefty price tag, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him walk. There is a lot of sentiment for just tearing everything down to the bare metal and starting over, but we’re going to have a high-profile QB here one way or another, so it might make sense to hang onto at least one pair of hands.

Wayne is not what he used to be, an I fear a lot of that has to do with the fact that Manning makes his receivers look so good. Reggie is steady, but #18 turned him into a HOF-type player. There isn’t a lot of big-play ability there, though Wayne is pretty rock-solid when it comes to running routes and catching the ball. Garcon is more flashy and more likely to make big plays and stunning catches than is Wayne, but Pierre seems to have a concentration issue. He drops the ball a lot, in other words. He could be a #1, but he probably still has some growing pains to go through.

These guys are both pretty well-liked around Indy, and Garcon is heavily into charity work, especially in his homeland, Haiti. Wayne has made a lot of noise lately about wanting to stay with the Colts, so he might stick around if he accepts the dreaded “hometown discount.”

A lot of information to take in there!

Let’s start out with Reggie, will he take that discount with the Colts? I think it really depends if they are going to keep Peyton around (and I don’t see that happening). How much could an aging receiver get anyway? If Wayne can still run clean routes and catch the ball, then I think Philip Rivers would be able to get the rock to him. I think the Philip can make him as much of a threat as Peyton did.

Now Pierre with the dropsies!?! I actually do remember Peyton getting a little pissed at him a couple of seasons ago for putting that ball on the ground. Chargers receivers have been pretty sure handed with that football and I would hate to see our receiver put that ball on the ground in a big game like those Patriots did. He does make some big plays though and he is young. Could we overlook some drops for those big plays?

Would you want to bring in either of these guys to start at receiver with Malcom Floyd?

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