Top 10 Reasons to Fire Norv Turner


By popular request, here is the list. I thought coming up with this list might be tricky. Turns out, I had to scale it down. Turner has some NFL records, but they are in spite of his coaching ability and are due to the fact that he keeps getting hired. One of those records has him as the coach who has LOST the most games. With that record, why he was hired in San Diego after being fired from Oakland and Washington will forever remain a mystery. Another mystery is why, with his continued inability to coach does he remain in San Diego? I took the liberty of coming up with some notes that the Spanos family can use during his exit interview.

1. Pushed LT out. The season Before Turner arrived the Chargers won every game where LT touched the ball more than 11 times. Turner came in determined to enlist a ‘passing offense’ not only limiting LTs carries, but essentially breaking what worked, San Diegos ability to move the ball and win games.

2. Cannot read a clock. Poor time management and the inability to run a hurry up offense is inexcusable. Even if you are in the lead, if you have 30 seconds left use them.

3. Lackluster play calling. Okay, let’s not sugarcoat it. Turners play calling is about as exciting as a trip to the dentist. I look forward to it with about the same anxiety. He has no understanding of a run or pass offense and needs to go back to football 101.

4. Poor use of players. I am not sure if he knows coaches are allowed to use more than one player at each position during the game. It’s crazy not to use all the tools in your toolbox.

5. Attitude. Turner stands on the sideline and acts bored. It pisses me off. I want to see spit flying because he is screaming at someone for making a mistake. I kid you not, If I were coaching the Chargers and one of the guys got a stupid penalty, three times, I would be grabbing their face mask and screaming in their face.

6. Inability to learn. Not sure if this is the same as #7, but we know certain things do not work and certain things work. Norv does not know how to grasp this concept.

7. Stupidity. “we gotta find a way to finish games”. No shit. Is this something you just realized? How did he say that and not get fired that very day? I don’t care if it was mid-season, anyone could come in and do better. Literally anyone.

8. Accountability. Norv has a “leave the players alone” attitude. Players need curfews, rules and babysitters during the season. It IS a big deal if they are at a strip club until 2 am the night before a game. It IS the head coaches job to make players accountable and do what is right for the team.

9. Evasive. When asked about Deilmans concussion and the steps that were taken to ensure his safety, Turner got mad and refused to answer further questions. Sounds to me like he felt guilty. Man up.

10. Makes every single Chargers fan angry. There is not a single San Diego Chargers fan who wants him as our head coach. I did a survey of Chargers and non-Chargers fans. 100% voted him out and 80% said they would like to see me punch him in the face. (that last part was not even on the survey!)

Time for you to chime in with your reasons and vent.

ChargerGirl Cindi