Sep 9, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers linebacker Dwight Freeney (93) prior to the game against the Houston Texans at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Chargers Overrated Players: Dwight Freeney?

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First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I am Sam Kweon, and I have just started as a Staff Writer of I look forward to bonding with the fans and what they think of our Chargers. Now let’s get to it.

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the San Diego Chargers’ defense.

Many fans and experts alike believe the Bolts’ defense will be on the better side this season, and Dwight Freeney seems to be a major part of the resurgence. Right? Maybe not.

Dwight Freeney

Like the Jeromey Clary case, let’s make this thing controversial. By no means do I hate Freeney. He is a great guy, natural-born leader, and I hope that he has a great season.

There was a time when Dwight Freeney was the most feared defensive lineman in all of football. Even some of the best offensive tackles could not handle his ruthless aggressive and that nasty spin move that he uses.

I mean, everyone’s talking about how better the defense will be next year. And yeah they will be better! Melvin Ingram is back, Brandon Flowers is a huge upgrade, and Manti Te’o has a year of experience under his belt. Then in the midst of all this talk, Freeney’s name always comes up. Don’t get too excited.

As a projected starter over former first round pick Melvin Ingram and this years second round pick Jerry Attaochu,  Freeney will get his chances. But at 34 years old, you really shouldn’t expect too much from him. He doesn’t run a 4.48 40 yard dash anymore and his moves are nothing but slower. Being a long time veteran will help, but he is coming off of a serious injury (tore quad tendon). No 34-year-old OLB can come back from a leg injury and become a vital force right away, it just does not happen.

Even if Freeney doesn’t perform as well as you expect, do not get discouraged. By the end of this season, I guarantee he has contributed to the team. Think of him as a player coach. Either on the field or the sidelines, he will be shouting encouragement and motivation to fellow Chargers, just like last year. 

What do you think? Is Freeney overrated? Will he contribute to this team as much as people think?




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  • navw21

    Hey Sam welcome. Is Freeney overrated? He clearly is not the same player he was in his prime but I still think opposing offenses will need to be aware of where he lines up on the field. Through the years he has earned that distinction. Overrated… maybe but still needs to be respected. Luckily this season we have much better depth and I think we will be rotating players in and out on defense. So we wont have to rely on a 34 year old to be our savior he just needs to be a cog in the machine that helps it go.

    • Sam Kweon

      Yeah man, I respect him a lot too. And thank God that we have plenty of depth at OLB this year.

  • Stefanie Smith

    We don’t know much about what Freeney can do. So too early to say overrated. His past? No, not overrated from that perspective. However, his age and injuries play into where he is at now. There is a question mark as to whether he can perform the Dwight Freeney way—be an impact player. This season will tell if he can still do it.

    Not overrated, just some question marks as to how he will perform for the Chargers.

    • BoltNative

      Freeney says that he kind of “eases” into the long season rather than going all out at the start of training camp. He seems to be an expert at taking care of his body. So, if all he has to really do is rush the passer and not stop the run, then I believe his QB pressures will continue rise and potentially his sack total. I’m dying to see him lick his chops and get after it with Attaochu, Ingram, Reyes, etc. on passing downs!

      • Stefanie Smith

        Yeah, I agree/ Just pressuring some of the other team QBs will work. Manning has fits. So does Alex Smith when they get pressure.

  • Kyle Congdon

    He had the most production as a pass rusher for the chargers last year. I doubt he’ll be as good, but he’s certainly not overrated. If anything he’s underrated as most people seem to believe he’s too old, washed up, and injury prone. I disagree with that, and expect a solid season with limited snaps

  • RussinSactown

    It depends on how high you rate him in the first place. I see him as experience, some gas in the tank and another coach for the younger players. If he can get up the field and disrupt things then he’s money well spent. If he goes out of his mind and becomes the Freeney of old then no one saw that coming. So much the better.

  • Nick Mansoor

    Why is my article at the end of this lol.

  • truthbetold

    Philip rivers is the most overrated on this team in my opinion, not freeney. for all his stats, he hasn’t done anything significant. And he’s played with some very talented players. there’s no excuse for his lack of achievement.

    • BoltNative

      Take that smack elsewhere! Take Rivers away from the Chargers and there is simply no playoffs and no hope. You’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.

      • trinity

        ….before they lucked in last year, the chargers were in the middle of thier best cowboys impersonation. As in, they had failed to make it for four whole years with Philip leading the charge. And beating that choker Andy Dalton was his first playoff victory in a half decade. Take a moment to let that sink in…….I guess there isn’t much hope WITH him instead of the other way around like you said. This isn’t a personal attack against you, and it’s fine with me if you don’t agree. But what I just said was fact, and i stand by it firmly.

        • arnie

          The only “luck” the Chargers had last season? Just under a quarter of the starters were injured, instead of half.

          • trinity

            ….and the blown calls in a game against Kansas City’s backups that they barely won? And that’s just one year. What about the drought before that? What about Philip’s anemic performances when he has gotten there in the past? With his talent, and the talent he’s had the privilege of playing with over his career, there is absolutely no excuse for his lack of accomplishments. Which is why i think he’s overrated.

          • arnie

            Rivers has been the only consistent player for the Chargers throughout his career. Despite the ups an downs in players around him and the nonsense in the front office, he still averages 4,000 yards in passing an 28TD’s. In “ANY” franchise”, were the talent around the QB is poor, an inconsistent decision making from management, no amount of play from the a QB will change the outcome. rothlesburger and eli are perfect examples. Those are the facts”.
            As for KC “backups” who do you think they played? The Chargers had 12 injured starters before that game. The chiefs were playing the backups, to the backups. These again are facts.

          • trinity

            “Where the talent around the QB is poor”? You are flat out, 100% wrong. Period. This was Philip’s first playoff victory in half a decade. Going all the way back to 2009, with the exception of last year,, the chargers have NEVER ONCE had a defense ranking in the bottom half of the league. In fact, in 2012 you guys ended the season with the 9th overall ranked defense, and in 2010 you were literally FIRST OVERALL in defense. Over the course of his career, Philip has has the privilege of playing with LT in his prime, gates in his prime, Michael Turner, Shawne Merriman, and shaun Phillips among others. This guy has played with talent both offensively and defensively, and still what has he done? Absolutely nothing. He has underachieved his entire career, and the nice numbers count for nothing. What I just gave you was pure fact, and we both know that, so try again.

          • Nick in PB

            I think Philips poor play in seasons past can be directly attributed to the decline in talent and the underachieving head coach, Norv Turnover. The entire team went downhill on his watch. I would have to throw in AJ as well. You bring up 2009 and that perfectly aligns to the Norv Turnover era of Charger football. The era most fans never wanted. Not to mention losing 2 pro bowlers on the O Line to career ending injuries left us really thin on the O Line. I would never call Philip overrated. Yes, he was down but he bounced back after the previously mentioned HC finally got canned. Overrated… no.

          • trinity

            He’ll be overrated to me until he wins something significant. Nobody can use the “no talent around him” excuse, because that’s 100% false. Nobody can use the “he had to carry the load for the defense” excuse, because I just gave you your defensive rankings since 2009. The norv turner excuse. That would be valid if their scheme was causing them to get run out of every stadium. But how many times have we seen Philip pull a Romo? As in, they were in the game with a chance to win it. And then Philip messed up or threw an interception that ended it. That has happened PLENTY of times, and that’s not on Turner. That is simply Philip Rivers fucking up and costing the team victories.

          • Peter Thompson

            Thankfully, nobody here is buying what you’re selling, or cares what you think is “significant”… and the teams we play this season will be blindsided when the Chargers show how improved they are.

          • trinity

            That’s the beauty of fact. It’ll remain true whether you buy it or not.

          • arnie

            Facts are only useful, if you use ALL of them in CONTEXT.

          • Steve Diaz

            You seem to have a very personal vendetta with Rivers. His numbers show that he is still a premiere QB in the league. Making “Comeback Player of the Year” is no joke. Sorry you have such personal feelings towards just one player. Maybe it’s time for you to take it easy and enjoy some sunshine. We love San Diego and our that’s a fact!

          • trinity

            It’s not personal, it’s truth. Rivers, Romo, Cutler. In terms of winning, there’s little difference between the 3 to me. Guys with talent, who can’t lead their teams to victory. I don’t blame you for being loyal to your team, but it just is what it is.

          • showbe

            If you cant see the difference between the 3 your completely blind and you said that to someone in the league or who is an analyst at ESPN or NFL Network they would just laugh at you.. Rivers shouldn’t even be in the same discussions as those 2. Rivers is classed as a top 5 – 10 QB where as Cutler/Romo would wish they would even be considered for top 10 talks. No analyst ever talks about those 2 in top 5 and 10 discussions where as Rivers is always in that discussion. Even analyst that dont like Rivers still give credit where its due. Thats the difference between someone who analyzes the NFL for a living vs a fan whether its a division rivals or a homer.

          • trinity

            Chargers fans, cowboy fans, and bear fans are welcome to nitpick statistics all they want in an effort to say one is bette
            Than the other. That’s fine. What it a comes down to, no matter how it’s justified by a fan, is that you have 3 veterans, who despite being immensely talented, have not led thier teams anywhere. That is the bottom line.

          • Peter Thompson

            Way to cherry pick players.. now name all of the players that the GM let walk… Sproles, LT, Turner, Jackson, Merriman.. and the deadbeats he signed… Gaither, Meachem… with AWFUL contracts. Throw in the fact that Rivers lost his starting left tackle & left guard.. and the GM replaced them with NOTHING, and you might start to understand why a QB has problems making the playoffs. He literally hasn’t had a good o-line since Dileman & McNeil retired, until last year… and SURPRISE!!! He was the next best QB in the league, behind Manning. Coincidence? I think not….

          • trinity

            But what did he do with that talent before they left? Again, nothing. Antonio Gates has been wasted in San Diego, thanks in large part to a quarterback who simply can’t get it done. And second best quarterback in the league? Lol what? You just said he had a good o-line right? Well even with that, he Led his team to only the THIRD best in that division and crawled into the playoffs by barely beating Kansas City’s backups on some luckily blown calls. By “2nd best QB”, you
            Mean nice numbers. Well he’s put up nice numbers before on talented teams. What else has he accomplished besides those numbers? Nothing, and that is pure fact.

          • Amos Mikaele

            It seems like you’re putting the weight of the team’s success on Philip River’s shoulders. Football is a team sport that requires a team effort for success. If there is a lack of support in either category (i.e., O-line, receivers, secondary, coaching staff, etc.) that does not balance out throughout the season, it’s not going to be a walk in the park. Yes, Philip Rivers had talent on the offense, but there were missing pieces in our team, more importantly, the coaching staff. We can dwell on how we “could’ve” and “should’ve” won this and that, but it will get us nowhere. I’m hopeful for this season as I’ve ever been for any other. Our coaching and players are on a level I’ve yet to see. Have some hope!

          • Peter Thompson

            He put up those same type of numbers with a bunch of nobodies and backups last season, as he “crawled” into the playoffs.. more like “clawed”. You can’t blame Philip for having a bunch of depth players, and stop-gaps in the secondary, which is what lost us the majority of our games last season… or having no receivers to work with, except for ONE rookie standout.. an aging Gates, and that was about it… name one guy on our defense, besides Eric Weddle, that made an impact last season… in fact, why don’t you name some of these “talented” players on offense and defense that he was supposed to waltz into the playoffs so easily with. we had Woodhead, Mathews, Keenan Allen.. that was about it… Gates had an awful year. Yet… he DID still waltz into the playoffs… beat Denver in THEIR house on primetime TV… beat Andy Reid’s sorry KC ass… twice… held Indianapolis to less than 20 points… beat Philly on the road… (all playoff teams).. beat Dallas… one five straight games to close out the season… is that enough, or you need more?

            They ;lost some winnable games, but it was more to do with poor play-calling, and poor defense. Not to mention, they had a new GM, a new coach, a totally new team, tons of injuries, no starters to speak of, a totally new oline & coach, a defensive coordinator who lacks creativity, no salary cap money to sign any real talent…. they even had a new strength and conditioning coach & team surgeon… total rebuild…..but, yes.. they still took it to the divisional round. But, you know… Philip had ALL that talent to work with, on a totally stable & consistent team that had been playing together for all of ten minutes….. pfffttt ..

            Go home, son… we aren’t talking about Norv’s 2009 Chargers anymore… we are in a new era now. Watch it happen, as it leaves you in the dust of your 5 year old comments & stats. In fact, the AFC West had three playoff teams last season, and was the second best division in football last season. Expect more of the same… even the weak ass Raiders got better this offseason. Recognize, and bow down when PR WALTZES in.

          • trinity

            Before you send me another long winded response misunderstanding my argument, go read it again son. I said that he’s played with some great players “over the course of his career”. As in, I’m not referring only to one year, but the entire Philip Rivers era.

          • Peter Thompson

            What player hasn’t? This is the NFL… there are a lot of good players on every team.. and not all of them have hardware… Dan Marino, for instance…. is he overrated? Or, was he just not a “good enough leader” to be capable of “willing” those Miami teams to a Superbowl victory?

          • trinity

            Marino was a great QB, who couldn’t win the big game. He was better than rivers obviously, and sadly he didn’t win. Ask yourself why people feel the need to point out he didn’t win when they give him credit for his talent. Because everyone knows that for all the entertainment good stats bring, this game is about winning. Rivers and Romo are talented, but they aren’t winners.

          • Peter Thompson

            Only in the small minds of people like you, they are not winners. He has been a pleasure to watch. He IS a winner.. and it’s hilarious to watch you waffle back and forth between your asinine “hand picked facts”, when your logic doesn’t hold up to your own tests… as Arnie has already pointed out.

            You remind me of someone who would coach a little league team, put his own son in at first base, or pitcher… even though the other kids were better.. JUST so he could be a “winner”… and yell about how “second place is a disgrace”. Philip may not have the hardware (yet), but he is better than Eli, Ben, or Joe… without a doubt… who all MUST be better, simply because they were on better teams, and won Superbowls. I guess Flacco is better… and Russell Wilson… and Trent Dilfer… your argument is SO thin… you don’t even need to hold it up to the light to see through it…. FRIGGIN ridiculous, actually.

          • arnie

            Again, I see you like to “pick n choose” which facts to accept to justify your opinion. That much is clear. I however don’t like to make blanket statements without viewing all the facts ” in CONTEXT”. I’ll start slow, I said….
            Despite the ups an downs in players around him AND the nonsense in the front office….
            See that second part there? Management and the coaching staff are just as much apart of Rivers success, which is why I said it. The new GM cut ties with some players to find the right balance of experience and youth. Then new HC like I predicted last season, was simply an improvement and got better play from a group, that was virtually the same.
            These are the facts. In context.

          • trinity

            Arnie, stop it. Because what you’re saying is laughable. For 2 reasons. Try to follow this. That “management” that you speak down on put together chargers teams with enough talent to compete for superbowls. That’s fact. And when those pieces were there, they underachieved. How many years were people picking the chargers to make noise that they never made? Plenty of years, and if you say I’m wrong you are either lying or weren’t watching. Period. And who was the common denominator on those teams? Philip Rivers, and that brings me to the second reason. You say “management plays a part in his success”. Oh, so I guess it was management who was out there throwing late game interceptions right? It was norv turner giving the ball to
            The other team right? Lol stop it. That game plan had the chargers in PLENTY of games with chances to win them. And all too often, Philip Rivers fucked up and made a mistake. Those are on him, not on management. Management wasn’t out there choking, Philip Rivers was. Period. Someone pointed out on here in an attempt to defend him to me “sure he’s lost some games he should have won”. There it is right there. PHILIP RIVERS lost games he should have won, and those are his own mistakes to own. That’s what he will be remembered as years for now. That talented guy who lost a lot of games he should have won.

          • arnie

            Fact; The talent pool of players that you speak of, during the “aj years” was a plan created by GM John Butler. A plan aj smith executed very well, after Butlers death, and receives the majority of the credit.

            Fact; aj created a dysfunctional relationship, with his HC, whom Butler hired, that turned this team into a playoff contender, and was then fired after going 14-1, only to be replaced by norv, a proven incompetent HC, “twice”.

            Fact; Every year that norv was the HC, an aj smith as GM, this team went into a steady decline in production.

            Fact; The veteran talent was not resigned, an allowed to walk with no compensation, to fill that lost production.

            Fact; Through it all Rivers remained 4,000 yard passer averaging 28 TD’s a season, despite being labeled “broken” in 13′.

            Opinion; if the Chargers won any games throughout that whole mess, it’s “because of ” Rivers consistency an talent.

            The Truth; The only thing laughable here, is your continued mis-use of the facts to justify an disguise your personal biased for Rivers.

          • trinity

            You’re talking in circles and grasping at everything you can to avoid the truth. The talent was created by John Butler and aj smith took credit for it? Ok?? Arnie, nobody cares who the talent was brought in by. The ENTIRE POINT of what I said was that while the talent was around Philip, he accomplished NOTHING. ZILCH. NADA. ZERO with that talent man. And that’s fact that you cannot deny, just like you can’t deny his failures to execute countless times over the years. With the talent he’s played with, the talent that he possesses, and the absolute FACT that many of the losses were on HIS MISTAKES, not the front office, there is no excuse for the FACT that the Philip Rivers era has been a failure. So as I said. The truth is the truth whether people acknowledge it or not.

          • arnie

            If we are going in circlers it’s because of your inability to grasp the basic concept of using facts in context. Your opinion of Rivers being overrated is just that, an opinion. ALL the numbers, stats an facts simply do not support your opinion of him. However you have chosen the narrowest of “facts” to support your opinion.

            As mentioned above, Dan marino is arguably one the best QB’s to ever play, yet by your standards, he would be “overrated” as well, since he has failed to win the big one, an hoist a Lombardi Trophy. By your reasoning it would Dan Marino’s fault his team did not win, an would labeled “overrated”.

            The “facts” I presented above were not to convince you. They are presented for all to see, what “facts” really look like. The manner in which I described them is called “context”. Context, with facts, gives us a clear path to what could be described as the “truth”. There are no facts that support a loss here, or mistakes there are the “sole” reason Rivers is to blame, or be called “overrated”. The truth is NO QB, no matter how good they are, cannot succeed without the right people around them. From top to bottom.

            Your “opinion”, is based on selected facts, and is the furthest thing from truth.

          • trinity

            :) furthest thing from the truth? Lol really Ernie? Then tell me what he’s won. Go ahead, tell me. Maybe there’s some secret ring I don’t know about? Surely there is right? Because of how talented he is, and the talent he’s played with over his career, surely he’s won something right? Oh wait, he hasn’t. But forget about the superbowl. Surely he always at least leads his team to the playoffs right? Oh wait, he doesn’t. In fact last year, that was his first playoff appearance in 4 whole years, and his first playoff victory in 5 whole years. But surely, that’s on the defense since he’s so great right? Oh wait, it isn’t. Because during that drought, you guys were consistently good on defense, and in fact in 2012 you had the number 1 overall defense. Surely Philip did something with that because he’s so great right? Oh wait, again he didn’t. Peyton manning won the superbowl with the 21st ranked defense, and Tom Brady carried a garbage defense all the way to the big game. Because they are elite quarterbacks, something that Philip will never be. You bring up the stats, because what else can you say? Nothing, since he’s accomplished NOTHING. So keep telling yourself whatever you need to, and have fun watching him “lead” you to a mediocre 9 wins and no playoffs this year. I’m sure you’re used to the failure by now.

          • arnie

            Like I said, your “selective criteria” is the foundation for you label of “overrated”. The problem is you will have to put Dan Marino in the category, label Rothlesberger an Eli above Peyton, simply because they have more rings than Rivers, Marino an Peyton. Yet every analyst has difficulty putting Ben an Eli above Rivers. Why is that? They know Ben an Eli were on “better” teams, run by “better” organizations. Which brings this discussion right to the points that have been made based on the facts, which is why we keep going in circles. The “TRUTH” doesn’t change.
            No amount of facts, that have been presented here, will be good enough for your standards.

          • trinity

            I’m not saying that Eli and Ben are better than Peyton. What I’m doing is acknowledging that Peyton, Tom, Eli, Ben, Aaron, and Drew are something that Rivers and Romo are not, and will likely never be. Winners. And that is on rivers, regardless of whatever excuses his fans try to spew out. Because like I said, the beauty of truth is that it’s true whether people can grasp it or not. That’s all I have to say to you at this time. Take care.

          • Big White Kahuna

            A) If Rivers was drafted by the Steelers or Giants he would have those same rings.
            B) Rivers is better than Ben and Eli – just been on “team” that couldn’t push the envelope
            C) From 1982 through 2004 the Chargers won only 2 AFC West titles. Since Rivers started in 2004, we have won 5 of them. NUFF SAID!

          • arnie

            I know what you are saying. And it’s your opinion. Not fact nor the truth. The beauty of this “discussion” is your unwillingness to grasp or distinguish between opinion, facts an the truth. The reality is, again, NO QB can do it alone…
            Fran Tarkington, Manning Sr., Dan marino, Jim Kelly, Donavan McNabb, Randal Cunningham, Steve McNair…..
            according you your standards, like Rivers, are not winners.
            Peyton, Tom, Eli, Ben, Aaron, an Drew, didn’t “win” until there was change in the front office, coaching staff, players, or a combination of all three.

          • Peter Thompson

            Boom!!!!!!! Thank you Arnie.

  • BoltNative

    This could be Freeney’s last year, so don’t you think he’s going to be hungry for a highly successful year?!? With another pass rusher on the other side e.g., Attaochu and/or Ingram (ILB?) and our new defensive backs, don’t you think that “synergy” is exactly what the Chargers need?!? Honestly, when have we had this much potential for our defense?
    Anyway, Reye is the one who’s “overrated” and until proven otherwise, I believe Lissemore should be starting over him at LDE with Geathers and Carrethers holding down NT during 1-2 downs.

  • arnie

    Freeney will contribute, but to call him “overrated”, is a bit extreme. It’s not like he getting paid 6-8 million this season. He was expected to make $4 million, but renegotiated to 2.5. If he would get 5-7 sacks I’d call it money well spent. The reality is. he’s going to split time with the youngsters, if they are as half as can be expected.

    • Gunnar Martin

      Word, Arnie!

  • FitzWilly

    welcome Sam
    good read
    you should have eased in with an article on baby whales or puppies lol
    seriously, nice read bro

    • Sam Kweon

      Thanks, Appreciate it!

    • Peter Thompson

      LOL… true story.. but, welcome to the staff, Sam… regardless. Can’t wait to read some more articles.

  • tonyloc1970 .

    Yes he will.

  • Peter Thompson

    Hi Sam!!!! Welcome to the site.. Having said that…. I am not buying any of what you just wrote, and neither should anyone else. Nothing personal.

    • Peter Thompson

      I mean.. comparing Freeney to Clary is like comparing Terry Crews to Corky from the show “Life Goes On”.

  • Jamie Reno

    hey sam, interesting story, and welcome. it’s decently written, but respectfully, you failed to mention that freeney looked very good last year in the chargers’ first four regular season games before suffering the season-ending injury. he didn’t have any sacks but he was making an impact, he looked quick and strong. trust me, this guy still has some fuel left in the tank. how long he will stay healthy is the big question. you should have watched some film of his play early last season before writing this column and concluding that we shouldn’t expect too much from him. by the way, when used as a adjective, “longtime” is one word. here’s another take on freeney and the 2014 bolts.

  • Edward Sherman

    i sure miss the lights out Dance can we ever get back to the Leslie o neals i just pray for a health D time on the field together will help whole squad as for Freeney i never expected him to ever play like his prime.

  • Tyreece Kaete Sr.

    Hell naw he ain’t overrated dudes in the 100+ sack club and he still has speed and he ran a 4.38 not a 4.48, and a healthy D Freeney is gonna pump madddd fear because all of the Veterans on the opposing O-line knows what a healthy freeney is capabl of, that’s straifht disrespectful to call Freeney overrated when most of these OLBs can’t even get to the QB or force pressure, and if anythinh Freeney and Melvin Ingram both will be starting..done #DieHardDiegoiooooo

  • Tyreece Kaete Sr.

    That’s just like saying the same thing about D Ware

  • Maria

    Let’s put things in perspective… he is playing for a team he thinks is beneath him. He thought after he was released from the Colts that there would be a bidding war for his services and complained loudly when no teams were interested. He doesn’t like the San Diego Chargers because he’s an east coaster. During his time in the NFL the only time he’s been fined was when he “bad mouthed” the SD Chargers at a game a few years ago. Having said all that… when he was signed last season he couldn’t be bothered to show up to the team practices and attended a Chargers home game (after he was hurt) only because JayZ was in concert in SD and he went to support his team only cause all his east coast buddies were in town. I can go on and on. So yes, he is overrated because his mental is not here in San Diego.

    Dwight is only playing for the Chargers for the paycheck cause all his money got robbed by a financial advisor he was dealing with. He’s here to get the paycheck (no one else is paying him) and that’s it. He doesn’t give a damn about this team or city. Do your research. It’s all there.

    • Big White Kahuna

      There was a bidding war Maria – Denver wanted him badly. In return, they signed Phillips. And he didnt bad mouth the Chargers – he bad mouthed the officiating. So perhaps YOU need to do some more research.