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The San Diego Chargers Offensive Coordinator Search

With the San Diego Chargers bringing in Mike McCoy to run the show, it is time to figure out who will run the offense. McCoy already has said that he will hire an offensive coordinator that will call the plays.

Here are a list of a few possibilities that I could come up:

Cam Cameron
Former Offensive Coordinator, Baltimore Ravens
Fired from the Baltimore Ravens in the middle of the season. He still might have some people that believe in him in San Diego. He runs that Norv Turner type offense and knows Philip Rivers well. Hopefully we pass on this idea.

Ken Whisenhunt
Former Head Coach, Arizona Cardinals
He might be too butt hurt about getting passed over for the head coaching job to take the offensive coordinator position with the team. He helped bring Kurt Warner back to life in Arizona and he also won a Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers as their offensive coordinator.

Hue Jackson
Secondary Coach, Cincinnati Bengals
Jackson made Jason Campbell look like a decent quarterback and made the Raiders offense potent. THE RAIDERS OFFENSE! They finished 6th in the NFL in scoring under his watch as the offensive coordinator.

Pete Carmichael
Offensive coordinator, New Orleans Saints
Carmichael’s contract with the Saints has expired and it doesn’t look like they will be renewing it. He has been the offensive coordinator for New Orleans since 2009 and has finished number 1 overall in 4 of the last 6 seasons. He was a wide receivers/quality control coach for the Chargers under Marty Scottenheimer and Cam Cameron. If anyone can make Robert Meachem useful, it would be Carmichael.

Mike Mularkey
Former Head coach, Jacksonville Jaguars
Recently released by the Jaguars when they hired their new head coach, but Mularkey has been successful as an offensive coordinator with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons. In Pittsburgh, he had a reputation for running a lot of trick plays with Hines Ward and Antwaan Randle El. He also was known for running a very physical offense that beat down their opponents. In his first season as the Falcon offensive coordinator, his offense ran for 152+ yards per game, second most in the league. Maybe Ryan Mathews could flourish in his system OR get injured faster.

Geep Chryst
Quarterbacks Coach, San Francisco 49ers
Didn’t we give this a try with Chryst before? Chryst was the offensive coordinator under Mike Riley in that messy part of San Diego Chargers history.  Chryst has worked with Mike McCoy in the past in Carolina. McCoy was the quarterbacks coach in Carolina and Chryst was brought in as the tight ends/quality control coach.


Who knows which direction McCoy wants to roll with for his selection as offensive coordinator. I can see him leaning on a familiar face with Chryst, but we already saw Telesco pass on someone he was familiar with. The only name I really hate on this list is Cam Cameron. I don’t love Chryst either, but could live with him. If we bring in any of the other guys on the list and I would be stoked. Any other possibilities out there?

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  • JoseSD

    I hope whoever it is utilizes the WR’s in a way that complements their skill sets. Brown May not be the biggest but hes a wideout that jumps up and fights for the ball he should come in to spell Floyd(he always misses a few games)or if for some stupid reason they don’t keep Alexander start opposite Floyd. Royal is a good slot guy that can make things happen in open space I think the final game against the Raiders was his first game where he was healthy and he had some good plays. Meachem is a burner who is best when he’s the 3rd or 4th opinion against the nickel corner or a safety. I’m assuming they’ll keep him cause of the cap hit releasing him would be too much. And Spurlock needs to come back for depth and returning kicks

    • Ernie Padaon

      Spurlock proved to work better with Philip than Meachem. Where does that leave Mike Wallace… just kidding. Pipe dream

  • OP Bolt

    For OC I like Carmichael and Jackson.

    • Ernie Padaon

      i almost thought you said Cameron and I almost fell to the floor. I love both those options.

    • tbell11

      Yea I agree, 1. Carmichael 2. Jackson

    • DougM

      Jackson was terrible at USC. I like Carmichael or someone off the list.

  • Sergio Quintero

    Definite pass on Cam Cameron, the chargers under McCoy appear to be moving towards a No-Huddle offense, and Cam always had issues with the no-huddle in Baltimore. Whisenhunt seems unlikely, since he felt he had the HC job on Saturday. Really like Hue Jackson or Pete Carmichael, I would be okay with Chryst or Mularkey.

    • Ernie Padaon

      if we move toward a no-huddle… thinking we get Geep Chryst in here. He ran the no-huddle with Harbaugh under center when he was with us and his affiliation with McCoy makes it seem even more likely

    • BiggsyBolt

      Did you forget with a good o-line and run game Cameron’s play calling lead us to a 14-2 season? Not to mention the other years of playoffs under him.

      • Sergio Quintero

        Clearly Cam’s stock in the nfl is low right now, and the resources that you mentioned are not in SD anymore, the O-Line is poor, and run game is clearly deficient. Clearly priority one in offseason 2013 is rebuilding the O-line. I expect McCoy to run a heavy shotgun, spread, no-huddle offense, with 60-40 split of pass to run, that doesn’t sound like Cam Cameron.

        • Ernie Padaon

          And Cam doesnt have LT. LT is what made Cam look like a frickin GENIUS. When you can run the ball at will because of his greatness, you will look like a genius.

          • arnie

            Also because Cam was under Norv, and tried to run the same system in Baltimore, is the reason he got fired. Like Norv, he didn’t have the personnel to look like a Offensive genius.
            see what you started Ernie.

  • coachwill13

    I don’t want him….but….Mike Martz is a San Diego guy and he has had success given the right talent. I know he interviewed with Oakland, but it could be possible the Bolts could give him a call.

    • Ernie Padaon

      dont want who? Martz would be interesting…. we definitely would need to fix that OL bad with him as the OC

      • tubbs45

        Fixing the OLine has to regardless of the OC!!! Please find a starter for clary, and have him as a quality backup. I actually respect Clary, he is just slowing lack of athleticism when he doesnt get all of the help on his side of the line.

  • Raymond Josh

    Maybe josh mcdaniels?

    • Ernie Padaon

      wouldnt be able to get him away from the Patriots unless he came here as the head coach.

  • RussinSactown

    I like Hue Jackson. He’s an up beat guy and his offense worked pretty well. Just send him home when you are doing player personnel moves and DO NOT LET HIM MAKE TRADES. EVER!

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahaha… if he is ever hanging around the Telescope, then we know that we could be in for a major trade that involves 5 1st rounders!

    • tubbs45

      That seriously made me laugh my ass off! Agreed, I like what Hue brings to the table. The only thing I would worry about is butting heads with McCoy…

  • Pete Spinning

    Good list… I trust “The Wolf”, McCoy, & Telesco to make the right choice.
    On a side note… I feel like Denver lost their best opportunity to win a quick & easy SB, when they lost to the Ravens. This division just got more competitive. Not saying that we are immediately going to be ready for contention, just because of the new hires. Nor am I saying the Broncos won’t be contenders next year. I just think that Peyton was counting on “owning” this division for a minute… and now we have his O.C. as our head coach (who witnessed Peyton’s methods from the inside). We also have a new GM (who was with Indy the entire time Peyton was successful). I think this year will be more of the “two horse race” people thought it would be last year. The road to the playoffs goes through the division. What better way to start to do that, than hiring a disciplined HC, who was the O.C. of the most competetive QB in your division? Still tons of work to do, though.

  • blu3ny3llow

    What about Clyde Christansen from the colts has been there since 2002….he has OC experience and Telesco knows him well….im sure he and McCoy could make something happen

  • Arturo Suarez

    People, we need run the ball first, we need OC to run the ball.

  • Arturo Suarez

    People, we need the run the ball first, we need a OC to run the ball.

    • Ernie Padaon

      So you are voting for Hue or Mularkey… good with me

  • arnie

    Good Article Ernie. let’s get to it
    Ken Whisenhunt. he’s proven he can win as a play caller. Rings look good on the resume. also as said instead of running his system, he adjusted to Kurt Warners style, an they went to the promise land. that right there is key, both the OC an HC share similar philosophies when working with what you have.

    Pete Carmichael. another ring bearer, that is a spawn from the tuna tree. i don’t know much about him, but if i were to guess, would you want a guy that studied under Sean Payton? who may also be itching to actually run an offense, and call the plays.

    Mike Mularkey. you may not have had much success as a HC but this is a guy that got Blane Gabert to actually play well, without MGD. his record with the falcons is impressive, however, they didn’t win a play-off game until “after” he left.
    Now, the unmentioned. i’m always holding out for the the coach we didn’t see coming.

  • Joey Nicks

    Wouldn’t mind ken. Hue? Idk lol

    • Joey Nicks

      I wouldnt mind Peter too