3 young WRs the Chargers may trade for in light of Quentin Johnston's struggles

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K.J. Osborn, Minnesota Vikings

Unlike Terrance Marshall, K.J. Osborn does not have another year on his contract after the 2023 season. While the Chargers would not get an extra year of team control, getting him in the building now could help this year's team was also kickstarting a potential process to keep him around after the fact.

Even if Osborn doesn't wind up with the Chargers long term he could be very impactful on this offense. Osborn has played plenty of snaps both in the slot and out wide for the Minnesota Vikings and would allow the Chargers to be creative with their wide receiver sets.

Osborn had back-to-back 600-yard seasons in the last two years and it is abundantly clear that he could be more impactful in 2023 than Johnston. This is the type of trade that a team makes if it wants to make a playoff run and the Chargers fall in that boat.

The Minnesota Vikings, meanwhile, should probably start looking toward the future and get any assets the team can. Osborn is important right now with Justin Jefferson out but it would help the team more in the long run to trade the upcoming free agent for draft capital.

Osborn has ties to the Chargers via special teams coordinator Ryan Ficken and that could make him a front-runner for a potential trade. The draft capital would not be too high (fifth-round pick at most) and Osborn's cap hit is essentially non-existent.