3 young WRs the Chargers may trade for in light of Quentin Johnston's struggles

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Terrace Marshall, Carolina Panthers

If the Chargers want to go the very young route then they should call the Carolina Panthers about Terrace Marshall. Carolina has no reason to try and tank as the Bears have their draft pick but they should look to scoop as many assets as possible this season.

Marshall makes sense to dangle as a trade chip as he isn't being used very prominently in the Panthers' offense, seeing his snap count decline with Frank Reich as the head coach. Marshall as a pick of the old regime and the Panthers may be better off letting another team take a chance on him.

Marshall is only 23 years old and undoubtedly has potential. The former second-round pick was drafted that high for a reason and in the right offense with an actually good quarterback he could do special things.

The third-year receiver also has the traits that Tom Telesco typically values in wide receivers. He is big (six-two) and is quick, making him a natural fit to play on the outside or inside in Kellen Moore's system. Again, he isn't quite Williams (or anywhere close), but he is a better fit in this regard than Johnston.

Brad Spielberger of Pro Football Focus actually listed a Marshall trade to the Chargers as one of the 10 trades that he would look to see this season. Spielberger theorizes that the deal would cost two fifth-round picks and while that is a bit pricier than other options, that is still a good deal for a recent second-round pick who is still only 23.