3 young Chargers who must get more playing time with playoffs out of reach

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Isaiah Spiller

Just like the linebacker position, running back looks barren for the Chargers in 2024. Both Austin Ekeler and Joshua Kelley are free agents after the 2023 season and neither player has done anything to warrant a new contract.

The Chargers are going to have to string together multiple moves to build a complete running back room next season. Taking a running back in the mid-rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft seems like a guarantee and signing a cheap veteran alongside that would be smart.

Isaiah Spiller also factors in to be part of that room in 2024. Thus far in his two-year career Spiller has not proven much, but that does not mean he is totally a lost cause. Sometimes it takes years for a running back to develop, especially when said running back was the youngest player in the entire 2022 draft class.

Spiller finally saw an increased workload for the Chargers in Week 14. After weeks of Ekeler and Kelley struggling to contribute, the Chargers made Spiller active and gave him some run. Spiller only carried the ball six times for 19 yards; both of which were the highest marks he has recorded since Week 8 of last season.

There is no point in giving Ekeler or Kelley as many carries as they have gotten at this point in the season. It is time to see what the sophomore can do since he will actually be the one still with the team next season.