4 worst Chargers from the first 4 weeks that must flip the script after the bye

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3. Joshua Kelley

Joshua Kelley is another player who has flown under the radar as a bad player for the Chargers thus far. Granted, the deck has been stacked against Kelley every week outside of Week 1. Not having Austin Ekeler had a tangible impact and the Chargers played teams that did not let them run the ball.

That being said, Kelley could be much better than he has been for the Chargers thus far. He showed that in Week 1 when he turned in an excellent game as the second option behind Ekeler in the run game. Since then, though, Kelley has been really bad.

Kelley is averaging 3.6 yards per carry thus far this season. If we take out Week 1, Kelley is averaging 2.8 yards per carry. It does not matter what the excuses or external factors are, Kelley has to be better than averaging less than three yards a carry.

It has not just been in the running game, though. Kelley is not much of a passing weapon, which is a huge step back from having Ekeler. Not only that, but Kelley has really struggled in pass pro at times this season. He did his part in Week 3 against the Vikings but followed that up with a bad showing in Week 4.

Kelley is at his best when he can feed off of what Ekeler is doing as the RB1. With Ekeler likely returning after the bye, Kelley should return to form as the season goes along.