4 worst Chargers from the first 4 weeks that must flip the script after the bye

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers
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2. J.C. Jackson

Davis has not been getting much attention for how bad he is playing because most of the focus is on J.C. Jackson. Jackson was signed to a huge contract during the 2022 offseason and he has not lived up to that contract at all thus far.

Jackson's Chargers debut was delayed due to ankle surgery right before the start of the season. Then, after struggling in the games he did play, Jackson suffered a freak non-contact injury in Week 7, tearing his patellar tendon.

The former Pro Bowl cornerback returned sooner than expected and suited up for the Chargers in Week 1 against Miami. Jackson was the No. 1 reason why the Chargers lost that game as he struggled in coverage, gave Miami three free points with a careless penalty and forgot to kneel the ball in the endzone after his one good play.

Jackson played a better game in Week 2 but it was against a Tennessee Titans offense that is not known for throwing the football. In Week 3 he was made a healthy scratch by Brandon Staley. Jackson was active in Week 4 but did not play a single snap.

Something is not clicking and it has to be deeper than just his play on the field. Hopefully, Jackson and Staley can work this situation out during the bye so he can actually contribute to the team moving forward.