4 worst Chargers from the first 4 weeks that must flip the script after the bye

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The first quarter of the 2023 season is officially in the books and the LA Chargers are heading into the earliest bye week possibly. This is actually a blessing for the team as an extra week off will help heal all the bumps and bruises that have been endured in the first four weeks.

It can also serve as a reset for players who need to clear their mind. Several players on the roster have struggled thus far in the 2023 season and could really benefit from a week off of football to turn the season around heading into Week 6 and beyond.

Some players who have struggled are not as impactful. For example, Tre' McKitty has not been very good this year but as the TE4 it is not as big of a deal for the Bolts. That being said, there are some Chargers who have stood out (for the wrong reasons) who desperately need to change course after Week 5.

4 Chargers who need to flip the script after the bye week:

1. Michael Davis

Michael Davis has quietly been the worst player on either side of the ball for the Chargers thus far. Other cornerbacks have received more attention (more on that later) while Davis has struggled mightily against everyone he has faced.

This is a shock as Davis played really well down the stretch of the 2022 season and looked like he was blossoming into one of the best cornerbacks in the league. Instead, Davis has taken a massive step back and the hopes of him being a true CB1 are likely over.

According to Pro Football Focus, Davis has been targeted 32 times in the passing game thus far. Davis has allowed 23 receptions for 286 yards with four touchdowns. Quarterbacks have a 138.8 passer rating when targeting Davis this season.

Davis has allowed the fifth-highest passer rating when targeted among corners who have played at least 100 coverage snaps this season. He has allowed the fourth-most yards and the most touchdowns in the league.