3 wide receivers Chargers may sign after failing to reunite with Mike Williams

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Chargers may sign Hunter Renfrow

Once again, there is an advantage to signing someone like Hunter Renfrow over signing someone like Tyler Boyd. Since Renfrow was released from his contract by the Las Vegas Raiders, the Chargers would not have to worry about how he factors into what compensatory picks the team gets in 2025.

Renfrow was released by the Raiders after two pretty poor seasons. Josh McDaniels never really seemed to know how to use Renfrow and the damage was already done by the time that McDaniels was fired. Renfrow's time as a productive member of the Raiders' offense was over.

All that being said, the deck was stacked against the slot receiver. He had a head coach who obviously had no idea what to do with him while having some of the worst quarterbacks in the league throwing passes in 2023. Just because he didn't do much the last two years doesn't mean Renfrow can't produce in 2024.

Renfrow was viewed as one of the best slot receivers in the entire league back in 2021 and he could definitely refind that form with the Chargers. Unless the Bolts plan on primarily using Quentin Johnston in the slot, the team does not have a true slot receiver to throw the ball to. That gives Renfrow an easy role to carve out in LA.

It isn't Renfrow is in the late years of his career, either. He was selected in the fifth round of the 2019 NFL Draft and is still only 28 years old. This is not a case where his athletic prime is behind him.

Renfrow may not have another 1,000-yard season for the rest of his career but even if he comes to LA to produce the numbers he produced in the first two years of his career it would be a huge win for the Bolts.