3 wide receivers Chargers may sign after failing to reunite with Mike Williams

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Chargers may sign Michael Gallup

Speaking of players who have a connection to the team and do not count toward the compensatory formula! Michael Gallup checks both of those boxes for the Chargers and unlike Beckham, it is probably a guarantee that he will sign for less than $10 million.

Gallup was recently released by the Dallas Cowboys, hence why he would not impact the compensatory formula. Additionally, current wide receiver coach Sanjay Lal coached Gallup in Dallas and compared a young Gallup to that of Dez Bryant.

Lal was obviously a fan of Gallup back then. Granted, Gallup is older now and has some injuries that have slowed him down but he is still a valuable wide receiver that could be a good depth option for the Chargers to turn to.

Gallup is not going to have the same kind of impact as Williams or Allen but he can bring a similar presence as Williams to the offense. Los Angeles does not have a single player on the roster right now that specializes in making contested catches, which is an area where Gallup is the strongest.

The Chargers don't need Gallup to come to Los Angeles and turn in another 1,000-yard season. All the team needs him to be is a reliable veteran WR3 who can pick up 500 yards and be a red-zone target for Justin Herbert.

Even at this point in his career, that is more than doable for Gallup.