3 upcoming Chargers free agents who have earned another contract this season

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2. Kenneth Murray

There was a lot of excitement around Kenneth Murray coming into the 2023 season. There has been a trend of linebackers having breakout seasons in the last year of their rookie contracts with the Chargers and Murray was the latest linebacker to fit that billing.

After three frustrating years where Murray was borderline unplayable he has finally started to prove what the Chargers saw in him three years ago in the 2020 NFL Draft. His athleticism has jumped off the page as he has been a crucial reason why the Chargers are defending the run at a better rate.

Not only that, but Murray has been much better in pass coverage than he has been in years past. He is by no means an elite cover linebacker but he has been good enough. All the Chargers need is for him to do his job and he has more than done that this season.

After letting Tranquill and White walk the last two offseasons the Chargers cannot do the same for Murray. They have invested far too much in him to simply let him walk after his first compotent year in this Chargers defense.

Eric Kendricks is over 30 and is likely going to be a cap casualty in the offseason. That increases the need to bring Murray back into the fold, where he can be starting alongside 2023 third-round pick Daiyan Henley at inside linebacker.