3 upcoming Chargers free agents who have earned another contract this season

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets
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The LA Chargers are looking to make a run in the second half of the 2023 season so the team can make the playoffs and save Brandon Staley's job. But that is not the only thing that the Chargers are playing for down the stretch.

There are several Chargers players who are currently in contract years and are also playing for their next pay day. Having a great season before free agency is a great way to get paid and we have seen several Chargers in the past capitalize on this.

Sometimes it results in a player staying with the team, like Morgan Fox and Trey Pipkins last year. Other times, it causes a player to leave, like Drue Tranquill or Kyzir White. There are current upcoming free agents on the Chargers who have already earned being the former, not the latter.

3 upcoming Chargers free agents who have already earned new contracts:

1. Alohi Gilman

Alohi Gilman has been the best and most impactful player on a Chargers secondary that also includes Derwin James. That is saying something. Gilman has finally gotten a chance to consistently start this season for the Bolts and the results have spoken for themselves.

More telling was where this defense was when Gilman was injured. While Dean Marlowe did step up and played far better than anyone expected, he did not have the same impact on the defense as Gilman has had when he is healthy.

Gilman might not be a Pro Bowl-caliber player but he is an essential glue piece that the Chargers cannot afford to let walk. It does not matter that the team took JT Woods in the third round last year, Gilman should be starting at safety for the Bolts in 2024. If he isn't it is a mistake.

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