3 trade packages the Chargers can receive for the 5th pick

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2. Chargers trade down to 13th pick

Raiders trade

Another team that should be in the market to trade up in the 2024 NFL Draft is the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders are in no-man's land when it comes to the quarterback position and the team has seemingly indicated that it will take a quarterback in this year's draft.

Vegas signed Gardner Minshew to a two-year contract and that is the perfect tell that the team is considering a young quarterback. Minshew is exactly the kind of guy you want to bring in as a veteran to back up a rookie. That is what he did last season in Indianapolis, after all.

Trading up and landing someone like JJ McCarthy might be in the Raiders' best interest but it is not going to come at a cheap cost. In addition to this costing more because the Raiders would be moving up eight spots, there is also the added quarterback tax and inter-division tax.

The Chargers are going to ask the Raiders to pay more if they are going to help them get their franchise quarterback. Additionally, the Raiders are going to have to outbid a team like the Vikings if they want to make this jump. For that reason, the Chargers can afford to play tough ball, asking for an extra first-round pick, two extra second-round picks and one extra fourth-round pick.

Will Tom Telesco have the gusto to trade all of this to move up and leapfrog the Vikings? Probably not. But if the Chargers are solely about getting value, then they may look to trade down even further than the 11th pick.