3 trade packages the Chargers can receive for the 5th pick

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The LA Chargers hold one of the most valuable picks in the 2024 NFL Draft. With the fifth overall pick in a quarterback-heavy class, the Chargers may have their choice of the best non-quarterback prospect.

Or the team could go a different route if one of the top-four quarterback prospects falls to the fifth pick. If that happens, the Chargers could try and trade down to pick up extra draft capital, and hopefully still land an impact prospect as a result.

There are several teams who should be leveraging themselves to get in a position to trade up for the fifth pick. While staying put might still be the best option, the Chargers have to at least entertain the offers they will receive. Let's dive into what those options may be.

1. Chargers trade down to 11th pick

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This is the most talked-about trade package for the Chargers as the Minnesota Vikings are the most likely team to trade up. Many proposals including these two teams has a package less than this, with the Chargers just getting the 23rd pick and a 2025 third-round pick for trading down.

However, there is a quarterback tax that naturally increases the price of making trades like this. We can look back at recent draft history to see what the cost of making a trade like this is. In 2021, the San Francisco 49ers traded a 2022 first, 2023 first and 2023 third to move down from the 12th pick to the third pick.

Miami essentially got two extra first-round picks and an extra third-round pick for the 49ers to have the third choice of quarterback. For the Vikings to have the fourth choice of quarterback (who is better than the third choice from the 2021 draft), it is fair for the Chargers to get one extra first-round pick (the 23rd pick) as well as a future second and third. That is slightly less than what the 49ers received.