Top Chargers head coach candidates not named Jim Harbaugh, ranked

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1. Mike Vrabel

Mike Vrabel is not someone who even seemed like he was in the realm of possibility two weeks ago. Vrabel has been one of the best head coaches in the entire sport since getting the Tennessee Titans job and the Titans would have been foolish to let him go.

Well, the Titans made the foolish move to fire Vrabel on Tuesday. Making matters worse is the fact that the Titans didn't even try to trade Vrabel as it would have taken too long. The Titans want a fresh start and fired one of the best coaches in the league to get that fresh start.

Vrabel checks a lot of boxes for the Chargers. Not only does he have experience unlike the Chargers head coaches that have come before him, but he has been a winner. Sure, the Titans have had a losing record in each of the last two years but Vrabel was saddled with a bad roster and awful circumstances and still elevated the team above what it was.

He is not an offensive-minded head coach but that is okay. The Chargers could keep Kellen Moore in the building and bring Vrabel in to fix the defense and the culture of the team. This Chargers team needs a leader and Vrabel is that.

The ceiling might be higher with Ben Johnson if he turns into the next Sean McVay. But there is also a lower floor with Johnson if it doesn't work than there is with Vrabel.

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