Top Chargers head coach candidates not named Jim Harbaugh, ranked

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4. Frank Smith

Frank Smith is not a huge name and a lot of Chargers fans would probably rank Quinn ahead of Smith because Quinn has previous head coaching experience. While the Chargers have been burned by first-time head coaches in the last three hires, that should not scare them away from hiring the better candidate.

If it ultimately came down to it, Smith is the better candidate than Quinn and would be worth the risk of taking on a first-time head coach.

Smith is one of the most respected coaches in the league with there being nothing but great things said by him in league circles. The Chargers have direct experience with Smith, too, as he was the offensive line coach and running game coordinator for the Bolts in 2021. That 2021 Chargers team had the best offensive line the team has had since the mid-2000s and Smith was a big reason why.

There is talent on the offensive line and Smith is the kind of mind that can maximize it and create a comprehensive plan around Justin Herbert. The Chargers could even keep Moore around, building on what he and Herbert started creating in 2023 with some influence from Smith.

Not to mention that Smith also has some Mike McDaniel influence under his belt now. McDaniel is the play-caller in Miami so Smith shouldn't get credit for that but there are still those fundamental philosophies that Smith has learned under McDaniel that he can take to his next team.

Smith might not be this offensive or defensive genius like other candidates claim to be but he is still a solid candidate that has the skills to play the CEO-type head coach to perfection.