Titans are the perfect Week 2 opponent to remedy the Chargers defense

Sometimes an NFL team just has to take its medicine.
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The LA Chargers did not get off to the kind of start the team was hoping for, losing 36-34 in Week 1 against the Miami Dolphins. It was more than just a two-point loss, though, as the Chargers allowed over 500 yards of offense to a Miami team that was shut down by the Bolts last season.

Los Angeles has now allowed 98 points and 1,397 yards in the last three games dating back to Week 18 of the 2022 season. With those struggles in the immediate rear-view mirror, most of the Chargers fanbase has stopped believing in Brandon Staley's defense.

A lot of improvement is going to have to be made for fans to buy back into the idea that Staley can pilot a strong defense. While it is not going to be fixed in one week, there is at least some inkling of a positive as the Chargers will be on the road against the perfect type of opponent in Week 2.

Titans are the perfect opponent to remedy the Chargers defense

Chances are that the Tennessee Titans won't score 36 points or pick up over 500 yards of offense against the Chargers. If that happens, then maybe it is time to move on from this defensive coaching staff after all.

Tennessee is not nearly as explosive as the Dolphins and is going to be much easier to match up against for the Bolts. The Chargers put too much faith in their star players, who were simply beaten by Miami's star players in Week 1. This time around, the Chargers have the advantage.

The Titans do not have a potent passing attack as Ryan Tannehill continues to regress his way toward future retirement. Tannehill looked borderline unplayable in Week 1 against the Saints, missing throws that any replacement-level quarterback should make. There is a very real chance that Tannehill has fallen directly off the regression cliff in 2023. We all saw it happen firsthand with Matt Ryan a year ago.

Derrick Henry is always someone who should be feared but there are reasons to be optimistic. Henry traditionally doesn't fully get going until later in the season and he is knocking on the door of 30. Henry is still a very good running back but he is not the prime version of himself he was two years ago.

This is an offense that is going to rely on the running game and only turn to the passing game when it absolutely needs to. That is exactly the kind of offense that Staley wants to play, as that is what his defense is built to expose.

Does it mean that all the Chargers' defensive woes will be fixed and fans should buy back in? Probably not. But fans should at least be hopeful that the Chargers will turn in a much better defensive showing in Week 2.