The LA Chargers continue to make confusing cornerback decisions

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The LA Chargers have a bit of an issue at the cornerback position this season. While most of the attention is on the team's run defense, the cornerback position is an issue for the Bolts as well. The main issue for the team is Tevaughn Campbell, who is playing in place of Asante Samuel Jr, who suffered his second concussion in three weeks.

Michael Davis hasn't been bad in the slightest but he has not been the CB1 that the team has needed him to be. Meanwhile, Chris Harris Jr. hasn't been playing either, and as good as Derwin James and Nasir Adderley have been, they have not been able to make up for the poor secondary play.

The team made a move to address the position on Tuesday as they signed Davontae Harris off of the San Francisco 49ers' practice squad. The Chargers had 52 players on the active roster, so the Chargers did not have to make any correlating moves. While some fans are celebrating the fact that the Chargers are at least bringing in help, it is yet another confusing cornerback decision made by the team.

Why this is a confusing decision by the LA Chargers

The LA Chargers definitely need cornerback help and there is absolutely no refuting that. That being said, there were potentially better options that the Chargers could have brought in that the team is already familiar with. John Brannon, who had a fantastic preseason and did not make the team's active roster, is still a free agent that can be picked up.

Yes, Brannon does not have a high ceiling but neither does another practice squad player in Harris who has not played in the Chargers' system. At this point, the Chargers are not getting the pick of the litter and it may have made more sense to go out and get the guy who is familiar with Brandon Staley's system and thrived in the preseason.

Sure, it was just the preseason and that should not be overrated, but there is at least some potential there with the flashes that he has shown. I am not sure you can say the same about Harris, who is who he is at this point in his career.

This is the second really confusing cornerback decision that the Bolts have made this season. The other was putting Brandon Facyson on the practice squad and not protecting him, allowing the Las Vegas Raiders to swoop in and sign him. While Facyson was far from being a great cornerback, he certainly would have been better than Campbell.

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The personnel choices by the LA Chargers have been questionable this season. Whether it be releasing Tyron Johnson or continuing to play Jerry Tillery even though his replacements have proven to be better options, the Bolts certainly have not been perfect with the roster choices. This is another example of that, even if we are nitpicking.