3 teams that can actually trade for Chargers' Keenan Allen

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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An unexpected narrative that has already emerged for the Chargers this offseason is around Keenan Allen's future. There is a large portion of the fanbase that thinks the Chargers will cut/trade Allen for cap space as the team is projected to be $19.9 million over the cap.

The speculation isn't just in the fanbase, though. Chargers beat reporter Daniel Popper gave it less than a 40% chance that Allen returns to the Bolts next season. There is at least a conversation to be had about what the team will do with Allen this offseason.

The idea of trading Allen might be an intriguing one but the return likely won't be as great as fans expect. For comparison, Amari Cooper was traded for two fifth-round picks and a sixth-round pick swap. Allen would likely go for the same price.

There also is not as many suitors as you would think for Allen. Some may think that potential suitors would be lining up for the Pro Bowl receiver. But when you break down the cap and which teams actually need receivers, there is a short list that comes to mind.

3 teams that could actually trade for Chargers' Keenan Allen:

3. Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons traded Calvin Ridley to the Jacksonville Jaguars and could use a cheap trade target to replace him. While the team does have Drake London and Kyle Pitts, getting a veteran pass catcher that can get separation on key downs would be huge.

The Falcons currently have the second-most cap space in the league and can have the extra draft capital to trade with two picks in the fourth round. Thus, the team checks the three boxes required for a potential Allen trade.

Allen also makes sense for them as he is not a long-term commitment and the NFC South is wide open. It could be a smart short-term gamble to maximize their ceiling now while making the young players on the roster better.