4 teams that may sign Mike Williams after the Chargers cut him

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Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers do not have as much cap space as the other teams listed but the team still has enough to sign Mike Williams and make other moves this offseason. After all, the Panthers don't have to pay a first-round pick this year, which is the most expensive player to come out of a draft class.

It is pretty easy to connect the dots on why the Panthers should want someone like Williams on the roster. Bryce Young needs more weapons than Adam Thielen and there really are not many other avenues for the Panthers to add top-tier talent. Because of that, signing someone like Williams almost becomes a necessity.

And in a perfect world, this could actually be a very fruitful signing for the Panthers. Williams is not someone who is going to create a ton of separation in the passing game but he is one of the best contested-catch artists in the entire world. That can help a young quarterback like Young, as Williams can end up saving him in certain circumstances.

Plus, there is a hometown dynamic here that no other team in the league. Williams was born in South Carolina, went to high school in South Carolina and went to college at Clemson. The Carolina Panthers may be in North Carolina, but this is the closest thing to a homecoming that Williams can have outside of going to the Atlanta Falcons (who don't have a need for him).

The Panthers may be desperate enough to pay Williams more than any other team and Williams would have the chance to be the concrete WR1 back near his hometown. It may not be the best situation when it comes to winning football games, but for personal reasons, the Panthers have to be considered.

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