4 teams that may sign Austin Ekeler after leaving the Chargers

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Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are not on the same tier as the Chiefs and Bengals when it comes to being a Super Bowl contender. You can even make the case that the Chargers will have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl next season if the offseason goes well. All that being said, Houston would be a solid place for Ekeler to play.

The Texans are still a playoff contender and might just be the favorites to win the AFC South for the second season in a row. C.J. Stroud is the real deal and the Texans have the cap space to build on the already-talented, young roster.

Adding a veteran running back like Ekeler should be high on the Texans' priority list this offseason. Dameon Pierce had a bad sophomore season for the Texans and while it is too early to give up on the young running back, he should be getting help with a veteran.

Because the team has Pierce, it does not need to spend as much on a bigger name like Jacobs or Saquon Barkley. Instead, the Texans could accomplish the same feat by signing the fourth or fifth-highest paid running back this offseason, which would be Ekeler.

Ekeler would complement Pierce nicely in Houston and would give the Texans a 1-2 punch that could run the ball (assuming Pierce turns it around) and produce in the passing game. Pierce doesn't have much of a pass-catching game, which makes Ekeler such a smart fit for the team.

Plus, if money is what Ekeler is after then he can benefit from signing with a team that has no state income tax. That is also in the conversation when it comes to Ekeler.

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