4 teams the Chargers may trade Khalil Mack to this offseason

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The Chargers could trade Khalil Mack to the Bengals

It would not be the ideal situation to trade Mack to an AFC contender but the Chargers cannot let that stop a deal from happening. If the Bengals are offering more than anyone else, or are the only team willing to trade for Mack, then the Chargers just have to do a deal.

You get in trouble when you don't make a trade because it might make a future playoff opponent better. The Chargers have to do what is best for the team and trading Mack, even to another AFC contender, is better than cutting him for nothing.

The Bengals definitely have the ability to bring Mack in and have the need as well. Adding another edge rusher next to Trey Hendrickson should be a priority for the Bengals, especially as they once again look to usurp the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sam Hubbard is a fine player but he is a lot better when he is the third edge rusher on the roster instead of being the second. Mack and Hendrickson, on paper, could be one of the best edge-rushing duos in the league and could fix some of the Bengals' defensive woes from last season.

Cincy has $53.1 million in cap space this offseason that it can use to absorb Mack's deal. Tee Higgins' upcoming free agency is a big storyline this offseason and if he signs elsewhere, the Bengals could look to draft a wide receiver early and bring in someone like Mack for an instant boost.