4 teams Chargers may trade Joey Bosa to after restructuring Khalil Mack

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Chargers may trade Joey Bosa to the Indianapolis Colts

Speaking of coaches that have ties to Joey Bosa, the Chargers could look to strike a deal with a team whose head coach used to be on the team's coaching staff. Shane Steichen did not coach Bosa directly as he was on the offensive side of things but that rapport can still go a long way in potential trade talks.

The Indianapolis Colts are a team that is right on the cusp of being a playoff contender and Jim Irsay is going to do everything in his power to make sure that the team is relevant. With a promising starting quarterback on his rookie deal, the Colts have the rare window to stockpile assets for a potential Super Bowl run.

The Colts currently have $27.7 million in effective cap space, which is more than enough to add Bosa and still pay the incoming draft class. If needed, the Colts could even restructure Bosa's deal to make next year's cap hit larger to create more space this year. There definitely is wiggle room to fit him into the salary cap sheet.

Edge rusher is also a need for the Colts, although Indy is in a better position to land an impact guy in the draft. That being said, the Colts may prioritize positions like wide receiver, cornerback, or safety before they prioritize drafting an edge rusher.

That opens the door for the big swing to be Bosa, and the high draft picks to be a receiver and secondary help to build up that part of the roster. Indy has all of its picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, so assets are not an issue.