4 teams Chargers may trade Joey Bosa to after restructuring Khalil Mack

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Chargers may trade Joey Bosa to the LA Rams

There are some connections between the LA Chargers and the LA Rams that could make the two a great trade partner for Bosa. Most notably, former Chargers interim head coach Giff Smith is now on the Rams' coaching staff and he has a direct tie to Bosa from their time on the Bolts together.

Smith coached Bosa for many years and took him under his wing when he was a young player in the league. If there is any coach in the NFL that will vouch for Bosa even with his injury concerns it is Smith. He may not have a lot of say in the Rams' organization, but his input could get the team over the line.

We also know that the Rams have no problem making bold moves to improve the team. Les Snead is not going to wait around and hope that the team gets better and he absolutely is the type of GM to trade a mid-round pick for Bosa.

Los Angeles needs edge rushers and the idea of putting Bosa next to Aaron Donald should be a tantalizing one. Sure, there are some risks involved, but Von Miller was not a for-sure thing for the Rams either and that worked out greatly for the team.

The Rams don't currently have ample cap space like the Lions but they have the means to create a lot of space. According to Over The Cap, the Rams have the third-most simple restructure potential in the entire NFL. The Rams can create up to $77 million in cap space with simple restructures alone.