3 teams Chargers could trade Austin Ekeler to after 2023 NFL Draft

Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers
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Potential Austin Ekeler trade partner: 1. LA Rams

If there is one team that loves to make bold moves and is not afraid to take on a rental to help their chances of winning football games it is the LA Rams. And regardless of how bad last season was, this is a team that views itself as a playoff contender next season.

The Rams still should be taken seriously when they are healthy. They are by no means the same team they were two seasons ago but they still have star power on both sides of the ball and one of the best head coaches in the sport. Plus, they now have an easier schedule as the third-place team in the NFC West last season.

The Rams are 1-2 offensive pieces away from having a really exciting group of players on that side of the ball and Ekeler could be the missing link. McVay loves his star running backs and things haven't necessarily gone well with Cam Akers.

Perhaps a swap would benefit both parties with the Chargers getting the younger and cheaper option and the Rams getting the better option to try and make a run toward the Super Bowl again. If that does not happen, Les Snead has shown that he is not afraid to trade picks for star players.

If Matthew Stafford can be 90% of what he was two seasons ago then the Rams offense can be special. He will have the best check-down option in the league in Ekeler with the best receiver in the league in Cooper Kupp.

Sure, there is not much else there, but those two players alone would make a world of difference for the Rams next season. The Rams know that and that is why they should be considered the favorites to trade for Ekeler if a deal actually does happen.